Master DIvers on the beach Take the plunge! Check out the coral Turtle at White Rock

small, professional, experienced team

offering a quality diving experience

Choosing a dive centre can be an overwhelming task:- so let’s simplify it !

If you want -

* An experience focussed on diving with a small, friendly and professional dive centre with excellent facilities and equipment,

* To be unhurried and enjoy a flexible and varied dive schedule, with small groups of divers, which is planned to avoid the times when dive sites are at their busiest,

* To be surrounded by experienced and knowledgeable multi-lingual divers: - photographers, cave divers, technical divers and professional trainers,

* To be able to relax by the beach when not diving with tasty food, cold drinks and free WIFI.

- then master divers is where to come!

Ayesha wrote an article packed with tips and pointers for choosing the right dive centre for you, click here to download it.

what master divers can offer you

Take the plunge with Master Divers

Take a look through the web site and you'll find a huge range of scuba diving courses we can offer you, from complete beginner to professional diver training and everything in between.

Master Divers offers some great diving opportunities for more experienced divers who would like to spend their time enjoying fun dives at dive sites all around Koh Tao.

If your friends don't fancy diving they can still accompany you on the dive boat and snorkel with us at the shallow dive sites. We also offer freediving training too.

We're happy to offer Nitrox diving for certified recreational divers and technical divers.

We can help you with your travel plans for getting to the island and finding accommodation which suits your budget and requirements for your stay on Koh Tao too.

Master Divers is keen to promote reef conservation, we work on various projects to promote healthy reefs and aquatic life around Koh Tao. We also offer information on the dive sites and marine life you will see when diving here.

We offer you the option to have your diving experience photographed by on of our in-house published, underwater photographers. How better to remind yourself of your underwater adventures!

good things come in small packages!

Learning in small groups

You’ll have noticed by now that we pride ourselves on being a small operator which might seem unusual when you consider that bigger usually means better.  When it comes to diving – we don’t think so – in fact we have no desire to become the largest diver operator on Koh Tao and let us explain why :-

We all enjoy and have a passion for diving so we like to ensure that each diver, whatever level, age or experience is taken care of individually and enjoys their diving as much as we do.

We can only offer this level of service and experience if we know all the divers in the centre. In short we would rather properly look after a handful of divers than offer lots of divers a semi-decent service. Whether you are learning or fun diving this mindset has such a positive impact on your diving, click here to read more....

how can we help?

Learning the basics


Want to make the most of your holiday?
Why not complete the theory for your course before you get here? This will save you spending time in the classroom, meaning more time diving or on the beach! Click here for further details.
Learning the basics

go pro

Already a diver? Never dived before? It doesn't matter!

If you fancy in new job in a tropical location that has you leaping out of bed enthusiastic to get to work each day, then look no further. Hundreds of stunning locations are just waiting to offer you the experience of a lifetime! Click here to see what opportunities await you.


tec diving

Recreational diving is essentially diving within limits which do not require you to make a decompression stop:- but what if that’s not enough for you ? If you have the desire to explore the depths of your favourite dive site or uncover the mysteries of the deeper shipwrecks then browse through our technical courses to see which one suits you best.
Easy 'On-Line' Booking

on-line bookings

You can book all of our courses, fun diving, diving packages and holidays on-line through ThaiEPay's secure booking system. VISA and Mastercard are accepted.
**no need to pay the full price up front, our booking system requires only a small deposit to hold your booking**