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about us


We - Elaine, Ayesha and Wilco – took over the ownership and of Master Divers in November of 2009, Elaine had started managing it in April 2009, making our dive centre the only fully western owned and operated dive centre on Koh Tao. This may not mean much on its own – but you will find us teaching and in the water or the dive centre on a daily basis. This means our commitment to maintaining what we promise is real.
Master Divers is one of the longest operating dive centres on the island and one which had been close to our hearts for a long time. Although Master Divers has always enjoyed good standing on Koh Tao we needed to make changes to modernise the facilities and bring it into line with the vision of the type of dive centre we wanted to create.
 We aimed to create a small yet professional and friendly dive centre which offers a high quality of tuition and service with great facilities and a high standard of equipment. We wanted to create a dive centre that we would like to dive in. We have experienced a huge range of dive centres over our time in the dive industry and we chose the best aspects of those centres and brought them together to welcome divers of any experience and age.
It’s been damn hard work but we believe we have succeeded but don’t just take our word for it. You are welcome to come in, have a look around and meet the team.

our environment


We understand that every visitor to Koh Tao leaves a footprint – and not just in the sand!

On a day to day basis we do what we can to minimise the environmental impact we have. There’s no magic wand but we do take positive steps and there are many things you can do while you are travelling to help Thailand as a whole.

We offer a water re-fill station – which not only guarantees you a free supply of fresh water but means that by refilling your bottles you reduce the amount of plastic waste created. Look out for these when you are travelling and re-fill as much as possible.

We say NO to plastic bags and polystyrene boxes. We provide you and any food delivery service with boxes so they don’t have to use polystyrene. As a team, when shopping, we carry our purchases in re-usable cloth bags.

We also provide reusable glasses for the fruit shake and smoothie shop so that we are not using a single plastic cup with each drink.”

plastic bag consumption and waste is a huge problem in thailand !

If all you do during your trip is make sure any purchase goes in your day or ruck sack and not in plastic then you will have saved the environment a huge impact in hundreds of plastic bags. Check out Ayesha's article for more tips on how you can help.

Reducing plastic is the environment issue we feel quite strongly about and we not only try to educate visitors to the island but those that live here too.  In a recent blog post we suggested a 'top 10' things you can do to have an impact on plastic waste if you live here, but many points apply to even a short stay.

We clean up our beach and sea area which ensures that trash blown in does not circulate back out causing marine animals death. We join in the regular monthly clean ups too and have championed the abandoned beach of Laem Thien as our responsibility too.

You can read more about our environmental activities by looking at the environmental category on the blog.

If you want to read more about the huge plastic problem in our oceans then check out this page. It includes a video that we made to promote awareness of this issue which we hope that you share to help highlight the issue.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions so as not to add chemicals to the water supply. We flush our toilets with salt water which preserves the sometimes scarce ground water supplies.

We ensure that both sides of every piece of paper is used.

We offer eLearning, which is online and replaces books. This not only offers divers convenience but also saves on the paper used to create the book.

PADI have also launched an e-manual too which we give you instead of the printed paper version. This not only saves trees but space in your luggage too. The e-manual is simply an online digitized version of the paper manual. It has been extremely popular and saves on a huge amount of paper production and usage.

We run environmental evenings too on different aspects of the environment which we encourage our divers to attend. Subjects include the State of the Ocean, Marine Debris and Sharks too. 

We have created and deployed structures which have increased the scope and size of artificial reefs.