Angel Fish, Koh Tao

Angel Fish are one of the most beautiful of the reef fish that can be found here on Koh Tao and they can be seen at most of the dive sites around the island.
We actually get two types of Angel Fish here the Blue-ringed angelfish Pomacanthus annularis and the Six-banded-angelfish -Pomacanthus sexstriatus, the Blue-ringed being the more sexier of the two!
Both types can grow up to about 45cm in length and are definitely one of the favourites for photographers because of their colours. They are a close relative of the Butterfly fish and can be distinguished by the larger spine extending from the gill cover.

These beautiful fish have minute, brush like teeth and browse the whole day on coral-rock, algae, sponges and coral. They are quite territorial as in they pick a part of the reef they want to live on and generally stay in that vicinity for long periods of time.
When settled in a place they also breed and if you are lucky you will see one of the juveniles, though they do hide in amongst the reef!  If you can spot them you will see they are even more colourfully spectacular and don’t resemble their parents at all to start with.
If you stay around Koh Tao for a long period of time you can actually go back to the same vicinity time and time again and if you’re patient watch the little ones grow up and slowly change their colours to that of an adult.  You feel like an adopted parent and it’s quite a humbling experience to feel part of..