Banner fish on the coral reef Banner fish up close Banner fish at night Banner fish on the pinnacle

banner fish

A pair of Banner fish at White Rock

Banner fish are seen at many sites on Koh Tao but usually in pairs rather than schooling.  Banner fish often get confused with Moorish Idols which look quite similar. Moorish Idols aren't seen here though so it's a certainty that a fish looking like this here is a banner fish.

A loan Banner fish on the reef

Banner fish are common fan favorite with their funky trailing banners, like cool hair styles and they are not so shy around divers. With their little protruding mouths as well, it’s as if they are constantly swimming around saying “Ooooo, what’s that lunatic with the steel shell staring at?" This is perhaps until they notice you have a camera and generally starting flapping around in front of you, showing off and trying to make their way into every shot.  Cheers Banners look forward to seeing you again, and again and again.

A pair of Banner fish feeding

Talking of photography, I would confidently say you will never be disappointed with the Banner fish population on Koh Tao, there isn’t a dive site here that hasn’t got it’s posse of Banner fish. Usually coasting around the corals and rocks in pairs, they can sometimes be sighted in little gangs of maybe 6 - 8.