Bat Fish

Around Koh Tao there are various dive sites where different kinds of Bat Fish may be encountered. Unfortunately, these interesting fish are seasonal, staying in one place for up to a few months before moving somewhere else.

For most divers and especially photographers swimming alongside a school of batfish is a striking experience and a great opportunity to take close up shots. Sometimes these curious fish may `buddy up` with a diver, coming close to look at you and investigate what you are before rejoining their own group.

One of the dive sites where big schools of Tall-fin batfish (Platax teira) hover over the rocks is Chumphon Pinnacles.

Junkyard, one of the artificial reefs on Koh Tao, has turned out to be a nursery for many juvenile fish and a school of medium sized batfish moved in recently too. These fish normally stay in one area of the reef, close to the manmade structures all facing in the same direction, eying the diver inquisitively. Moreover, Batfish can be seen around Shark Island and sometimes in Japanese Gardens, White Rock andTwins. Here however, they tend to appear as single individuals or small groups rather than big schools.

Around the year, especially in Japanese Gardens some lucky divers may find the extraordinarily looking boomerang shaped juvenile Tall-fin batfish seeking shelter along one of the buoy lines close to the surface.