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Why oh why choose SSI?

In a world full of choices, some of them are simple: tea or coffee, Starbucks or Coffee Bean, Latte or Mocha (it may become apparent that I have a love for coffee at some point in this post)& some can be a little more difficult, like which dive agency to entrust with your dive education. You may need a little clarification on your choices.

I became an SSI Open Water Diver a decade ago in beautiful waters of The Whitsunday Islands, Queensland. Australia & haven’t looked back since, now an SSI Instructor Trainer I’m still singing the praises of that teaching system today to prospective students at all levels. And here’s why.

Flexibility; probably the most used word when describing SSI.  All SSI courses are flexible, not in their content but in the way they can be completed. The perfect example of this is in the skills you’ll learn to become a safe & competent scuba diver. If you find one of the skills a little challenging & need more time to practice, the skill can be moved along in the sequence.  This gives you chance to practice other required skills and to build your confidence before returning to and repeating the skill that was causing problems at a later stage.

Unlike other diving agencies this flexibility allows the student to learn at their own pace & the course can be catered to their individual style of learning & comfort levels. If the example stated above occurs within some training agencies, the course grinds to a halt, providing additional pressure to an individual who may already be feeling anxious about a certain skill.

Further SSI offer you the option to combine specialities so that you can build your own Advanced Training to suit you and your pocket.

Free On-line Training. Yes, that’s right. I said FREE! Giving up time on your holiday to watch videos isn’t everybody’s cup of tea (or coffee in my case). So, you can pop along to diveSSI.com & begin your Open Water certification TODAY.  Watching the required videos & completing the on-line study guides on a rainy Wednesday evening, you free up lots of valuable beach time when you arrive on sunny Koh Tao. There are win, wins in this world, not many. But this is one of them!

More time in the water. SSI streamlines the skills within the Open Water Diver course to maximize the amount of time you have to practice those true, core, fundamental skills that are required for certification, safety and comfort. This produces calmer, confident divers whom, instead of just completing a dive course, can truly call themselves divers. SSI also has the longest total time required for the four scuba dives contained in the Open Water Diver course, a whopping 100 minutes minimum. More time during your dive course is dedicated to, well….diving!

The environment; Something dear to our hearts here at Master Divers & also to the nice people at SSI. All students are required to complete a training record when they partake in the Open Water Diver course, which is then legally required to be retained by their SSI Dive Centre for five years. But what happens to it after five years? Here in Thailand, these folders are printed on paper from sustainable forests using vegetable ink, meaning they are 100% recyclable, nice!

SAVE!  Further, SSI dont stipulate that you must buy the book to go with every course.  Each centre has the option to lend you a copy for the duration of the course.  This often makes the course cost a litttle cheaper so its not only better for the trees but for your pocket too !  At Master Divers we reduce the cost of the course if you take a library loan book!

There are many more reasons to wax lyrical about SSI but I’ll save them for another post. Time to get diving!

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