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SSI Pro Courses.

Dive Guide to Dive Control Specialist.

SSI apportion their first professional level into three modular sections.  This offers you flexibility and means that you can choose your objective based on your career goals.


  • SSI Dive Guide (DG), program will open the door to leadership. During the course you’ll attend academic workshops & inwater sessions designed to prepare you for your role as an effective dive leader, focusing on group management, diver safety & procedures for special dives.  SSI Dive Guide 22,000 THB

After completion of this module you will be qualified to lead certified dive groups from the shore or boat as an SSI Dive Guide or move straight into the second module, the SSI Divemaster.


  •  The SSI Divemaster (DM) is the combination of the Dive Guide qualification & a unique SSI Specialty course, the Science of Diving. This module focuses on the knowledge required to be truly called a Divemaster with theory sections on diving physics, physiology, decompression theory, equipment & the aquatic realm. SSI Divemaster 25,000 THB

After the completion of this module you’ll be qualified to do everything a Dive Guide can do along with the ability to assist with diver training for certified divers, or make the progression into the third module, the SSI Dive Control Specialist.


  •  SSI Dive Control Specialist (DCS)is the highest professional entry level program in the diving industry & upon completion qualifies you as an Assistant Instructor. This module focuses on showing candidates the presentation skills they will need to assist in the teaching of dive courses, advanced diving skills & problem recognition/solving techniques & is what sets this program apart. SSI Dive Control Specialist 28,000 THB

After completion of the SSI Dive Control Specialist you’ll be qualified to perform the same duties as a Dive Guide & Divemaster along with being able to assist SSI Instructors in the classroom, pool & open water.  Teach skills in the classroom & pool under the indirect supervision of an SSI Instructor & teach the SSI Scuba Skills Update program & Resort Diver Pool Experience.


In addition to these costs there are required materials for each program.The materials for Dive Guide and Dive Master are 5500B and for Dive Control Specialist are 10000B.  These are total costs and not per section.  So if you take the Dive Master or Dive Guide course and then decide to continue to Dive Control Specialist then you will just pay the extra 4500B for materials portion.

The time scale of these programs ranges from approximately two weeks to two months .

Once you’ve completed your desired module you will then apply directly to SSI for your professional number, the processing fee for this registration & processing is 3,000 THB.



Instructor Courses

We conduct the SSI Instructor Training Course (ITC) every month with a maximum group size of 4 people. The cost of the ITC is 58,000 Thai Baht.

This price is inclusive of:

•     ITC Fees

•     Instructor manual

•     Instructor slates

•     Candidate workbook

•     Presentation Enhancement Guides

•     Instructor Evaluation Fee

•     SSI Registration fee

•     SSI Annual fee for that calendar year

•     Risk Awareness Videos

•     Open Water Diver Video

•     SSI Backpack, T-Shirt and Keychain


This means there are no hidden charges! After completion of your ITC and passing your IE you’ll be qualified to teach all of the entry level SSI courses including:


•     Open Water Diver

•     Advanced Adventurer

•     Diver Stress and Rescue

•     Resort Diver Experience

•     Scuba Diver

•     Indoor Diver

•     Snorkeling

•     Scuba Skills Update

•     Junior Open Water Diver

•     Junior Advanced Adventurer

•     Scuba Rangers Program

•     Century Diver Rating

•     Gold 500 Diver Rating

•     Platinum 1000 Diver Rating

•     Experienced Diver Tests

•     SSI Referral Program


Here at Master Divers we also include seminars on the teaching of the Diver Stress & Rescue course & the SSI Enriched Air Nitrox course, allowing you to teach both of these programs upon certification at no extra cost.



Respond Right Instructor

After certification as an SSI Open Water Instructor (OWI) you may also attend the Respond Right Instructor (RRI) program. The cost of the RRI is 8,000 THB. This price in inclusive of:


•     Respond Right Instructor Course fees

•     Respond Right Instructor materials

•     Respond Right student materials

•     First Aid kit

•     SSI Registration fee

•     First two years renewal fees


After completion of the Respond Right Instructor Course you will be qualified to teach the following Respond Right programs:


•     Basic First Aid

•     CPR

•     Senior First Aid

•     Special Circumstances

•     Oxygen Provision for Divers


In short the cost to become an SSI OWI & RRI; including all materials, course, exams & registration costs 66, 000 THB. If you wish to compare this price to the PADI IDC; approximately 96,000 THB with the AUD currently worth 33 THB, it’s a difference of 30,000 THB.


SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor

(AOWI) rating. The requirements to achieve this rating are:


•     15 SSI certifications at any level

•     Qualification in a minimum of 4 SSI Specialty programs, including SSI Science of Diving Specialty.


To help you meet these requirements & get some real world teaching experience we offer an AOWI Internship Program, during the program you’ll be working our experienced head instructor team, attending teaching seminars with myself & co-teaching a minimum of 4 SSI Specialty programs.


The cost of the AOWI Internship Program is 30,000 THB. This price is inclusive of:

•     AOWI Internship Program

•     4 SSI Specialty student manuals

•     SSI Specialty Application fee

•     SSI AOWI Upgrade fee


If you wish to compare this with the PADI MSDT program; the cost of which is approximately 40,000 THB because you have to register each Specialty separately & you don’t receive any of the Specialty student materials.

The total prices for both agencies are listed below;









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