Master Divers Life Contest Blog by Alex Martin

We are pleased to present our first Master Divers Life contest blog by contestant Alex Martin

Imagine with me if you will, a forest underwater. Silent, save for the sound of the rolling waves above. Sunlight creeps through the blades of kelp floating on the surface, a yellow brilliance that blocks out direct sunlight until a ray shines through and catches your eye. Under the canopy of kelp stalks, an eerie silence takes hold as you make your way through a forest covered in a blanket of thick fog. The murky existence is breathtaking and beautiful to those willing to embrace the chill that comes with exploring this environment.


Now close your eyes and lets travel to another part of the world. As you open your eyes, you look to the left, and to the right. Along the 100-foot span of a steep underwater wall a large ecosystem of coral, soft and hard alike, covers everything you can see. It is alive with thousands of organisms. The sound of something like cereal crackling like you’ve just poured milk in the bowl is audible. It is a metropolis of underwater life. You want to race around and see everything you can, but there is no prize for first place. If you take your time and look closely enough, shrimp, plankton, and even maybe a sea horse can be found hiding in the multitude of coral species they call home.

Team Bonaire

I have had the joy of spending 300 or so hours in this world. It has brought me closer to nature, and I have found beauty in the smallest nooks and crannies within the ocean. Moments appear and disappear with the currents. It is a place that gets you as close to being an astronaut floating weightlessly in space as possible. A world so different than the one we walk in day to day, yet so similar. These creatures live in tepid harmony, some in symbiotic relationships of peace, some as predator and prey.

This world and its global ecosystem has the same degree of symbiotic life. Our oxygen comes more from the ocean than anywhere else. It is as vital to our existence on this earth as any other resource. It is the cradle of creation where life began in this world; where the first organisms emerged and began their evolutionary journey to where we are today.

Jelly Fish


Many of us try to give back to what got us to where we are today; to our parents, our schools, our friends, our community. Yet for some of us it is hard to give back to something we don’t see as particularly related to us, even though it is the origin of life on this planet. There is so much that makes us who we are that it is hard to think of it like this, but we must try. In all facets of life we must attempt to do better, to be better.

Back under the waves, a group of divers is on a daily mission to clean up an area of the Caribbean that has brought them much joy over their trip. A bag full of bottles, plastic, and other miscellaneous garbage in tow. A young juvenile sea turtle swims up to the diver and tries to nip at the bag, looking for food. It is a very adorable moment, an awesome moment for the diver holding the bag that has the opportunity to have a turtle so close and so friendly. It is also a reminder of how much of what we manufacture, how much we consume and discard, can affect what we don’t see on a daily basis.

A possibility of a new path has opened up. Koh Tao is considered by some to be one of the most environmentally conscious islands in the world. Also known as Turtle Island, it is major hub of diving certification, it is a brilliant display of knowledge and understanding to what it means to be not only a safe diver, but an informed diver. Concerned with conservation, the team at Master Divers look for individuals that share in their love of the ocean and hope of preserving it to join their ranks. It is a place that I have never been to before, which brews excitement. The possibility to learn in a new place, with new conditions and new adventures. I hope that soon I can be included among them. A chance to continue my education in diving has been on my horizon, and this opportunity is welcomed with joy and resolved that no work is a simple task. We all have a further opportunities to take in life, and I hope that this can be my next step.

This ecosystem has brought me so much joy, so much excitement, and has taught me more than I can ever hope to retain. In my travels, I have only learned that there are more places I want to go. More experiences I want to have. My desire to share that with more people is a dream I’m willing to go the extra mile for. There is so much beauty everywhere we go. There is so much more to learn.

Sea Plane

                So please, follow along with me as I journey this world to discover new places to dive, new ways to explore, and new ways to communicate and share this world. It is a beautiful place. One that will be here long after we are gone, one way or another. I hope you come along with me and share in the joy that this underwater world brings.


Master Divers Life Video Hints


We are very excited at the response we are getting to our 25th anniversary contest to win a PADI dive career with us right here on Koh Tao! We’ve had a number of applications already and videos are starting to filter in now too. So if you have submitted your application form already, please do submit your video as soon as you are able. In order to be short listed as one of the 10 finalists, you either need to be in the 5 selected by our judging panel, or in the top 5 by community vote on our facebook page. So…the sooner your video goes live the more time you have to get those all important votes to ensure you progress to the next stage!


Win your Master Divers Life Master Divers Life


So…what are we looking for in your videos we hear you ask? Well, first and foremost we are looking to meet you! We don’t need pro level video or anything flashy – we will be selecting the finalists based purely on your personality and passion!

We just want to see why you think you should win, and get to know a bit about your love for the natural world, and your experiences with diving, marine life, marine or land conservation etc. We appreciate that perhaps you are not able to ditch everything and go diving any time you want to (yet!), but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a lot to offer! So here are a few questions and examples to get you started – although feel free to be creative, it’s by no means an extensive list….

Is there a story behind your love of diving? Tell us why you want to make the ocean your office!

Do you have a favourite marine creature? What do you love about it and why?

What would be your perfect dive? Tell us all about it!

Why do you want to become a PADI Instructor?

Have you taken part in some interesting community projects (either land or sea based)? Tell us how you contributed!

Maybe you have a passion for teaching/training already from another field?

Are you proactive in your efforts to be sustainable and reduce pollution and plastic etc? We’d love to hear about your passion for the environment!

Have you already been involved in any conservation activities?

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to get you started. We cant wait to see what you all come up with! Feel free to get your friends involved too – either with the filming or as part of the video. The more we know about you, the easier it will be to see how you will fit into our amazing team!

So…what are you waiting for. Get those video entries submitted today to be in with the chance to win your dream life!


Master Divers Team

WIN your PADI Dive Career with Master Divers!

By now we hope you’ve seen – and entered and shared! – our Master Divers Life contest. We’re incredibly excited to be offering this life changing opportunity. It will open up a whole new way of life to the lucky winner, and we don’t mid telling you we’ll all be pretty jealous of them in their swanky new gear!

So why are we doing this you may be asking? This is surely to good to be true?! Well, believe it…. it’s real!

As its our 25th anniversary we wanted to give something back by giving someone the same exciting career progression and options that all of us here have had. For most of us here at Master Divers, diving has changed our lives entirely. From where we live, the skills and knowledge we’ve developed, our amazing tropical lifestyle, our friends, our career progression, and our future dreams and goals etc, finding a passion for diving has been a real game changer in every aspect. So why not provide another lucky diver to opportunity to join our ranks and live the dream too?!



For those of you who have not dived or trained with us yet, you probably want to know a bit about us… We are a 5 star PADI IDC Centre, with a reputation for our high standards, safety and experience. We a renowned for the quality of our training, and for providing the best dive experiences on Koh Tao whilst maintaining a friendly and relaxed environment. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable and passionate staff make us a sought after destination for certified divers and students alike.



With the help of our friends at PADI and Aqua Lung, we’ve put together an amazing prize package! The winner of our Master Divers Life contest will receive training with us in all PADI courses up to and including Instructor (including all materials and fees), a Marine Conservation Package and a full set of ‘top of the range’ Aqua Lung dive gear. The prize fund exceeds US$11,000 in courses and merchandise, but the chance to live, learn and experience the Master Divers’ Life goes far beyond that! So, what exactly do you get if you win? ……


You’ll get to hone your dive skills on any recreational courses needed to begin your professional level training. This includes PADI Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response and Rescue Diver Courses .



All fun dives to reach the required pre-requisites for the PADI Divemaster and PADI Instructor Development courses are also included. So you’ll explore all of our dive sites and see some amazing marine life too!


Green Turtle encounter at Twins dive site Koh Tao, Thailand Sea Snake

Divemaster Katie with a Batfish at Twins Dive site Koh Tao, Thailand Whale shark in Koh Tao waters


We are very passionate about our commitment to the environment, so you’ll also take part in a Marine Conservation package, where you learn more about marine life populations/coral health/sharks/clean up dive etc and attend a conservation presentation evening (including meal) linking to your dive – eg the life of coral, single use plastics, the effects of over fishing etc. This helps you to become a more educated and environmentally aware diver – something which we are very proud of offering. We also run regular land and sea clean ups, so no doubt you’ll be involved in those too, as well as any additional eco projects that are running at the time!



On your professional level courses you’ll learn all the teaching techniques and tips you need to be a confident and competent dive pro. Plus your Instructor Development Course (IDC) with us will include your Emergency First Response Instructor rating, and your Oxygen Provider Instructor rating.



Plus we are throwing in a 2 week Divemaster Internship on completion of your Divemaster course, and a one month Instructor Internship once you pass your Instructor Exams!


Underwater photographer, Rob Kelly at Koh Tao dive site, Twins


While taking part in all of this diving you”ll be decked out in a full set of top of the range Aqua Lung gear! Check our our Aqua Lung page for a full list of equipment!

And of course there’s the general experience of living the dream here on Koh Tao. There’s lots of new friends to be made, fun island activities to get involved in, and of course some of the most stunning sun sets you’ll ever see!



The Master Divers Life campaign is a 3 stage contest comprising of Online Form submission, Video submission, and Blog submission. The campaign can be entered at on our webpage for Stage 1, followed by our Facebook page for stage 2 video entries. Video entries will then be voted on via the Facebook App. The top 5 voted videos, along with Master Divers’ top 5 picks will then enter Stage 3 where they will write a blog about an environmental issue close to their hearts. The winner will be selected and announced on 4th July 2018.


Win your Master Divers Life


Anyone is welcome to apply. As long as applicants are over 18, certified to Open Water level by the submission form deadline on June 1st, and are medically fit to dive, then its time to start your application!

So, what are you waiting for?! Check out the check out the full list of eligibility criteria, our competition page, and submit your entry today! Good luck and hopefully see you on Koh Tao to begin your dream life in paradise soon!

What do potential new scuba diving instructors look for when choosing where to do their Instructor Development Course?

Our new instructors explain their reasons on why they picked Master Divers, Koh Tao, in order to become a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor!

Doing your Instructor Development Course (IDC) is a life changing decision on it’s own and there’s a lot more to it then just saying the initial ‘YES’! Choosing somewhere to complete your dive professional training can be a daunting and confusing task; questions need to be answered such as; where in the world is the best place to complete my IDC, which dive school should i go with, where will I work afterwards, will the connections I make be the right ones to advance my career?

The best way to go about answering all of these questions is ‘do your research’! Choose a Course Director and a professional development team who are there for you and  provide support and advice from the moment you initiate contact with them to throughout your career.

This is exactly what these guys did! Kaarin, Henry and Kevin have all just completed there IDC with Master Divers, so before the celebratory beers started flowing to easily, we took the time out to quickly ask why they chose Master Divers for their IDC?

The gang all together celebrating their IDC in Koh Tao

Kaarin, has been living in Koh Tao, Thailand for 18 months now and previously worked as a Divemaster, before deciding to do her IDC. She loves to dive and felt she was ready to take that next step to instructor level. Knowing the island well, Kaarin opted on Master Divers because she knew of Course Director, Gaz, respected reputation on the island, the support structure that Gaz provides with every IDC course he teaches, plus the high level of safety standards we maintain here at Master Divers.

Kaarin on completion of his IDC at Master Divers, Koh Tao

Henry, is from England, but completed his Divemaster here on Koh Tao in August. Henry knew straight away he wanted to progress to instructor level and worked as a Divemaster for a short period whilst he waited for the IDC to start. Henry informed us that he researched a lot for the right place to advance his career on Koh Tao and had heard a lot about Gaz and his method of teaching, so he set up a meeting to gather more information, and the rest they say is history!

Henry on completion of his IDC at Master Divers, Koh Tao

Kevin, is from Vancouver and a biologist. Again he put a lot of research into where he could do his IDC and came across Master Divers. He then went through our reviews and did more research into how Course Director, Gaz conducts the IDC and the reviews we have achieved as a dive center in it’s self.  What drew Kevin to Koh Tao and Master Divers was the amount of eco work we do here, as that, as well as a solid support network were the most important factors for him.

Kevin on completion of his IDC at Master Divers, Koh Tao

So from the above and in the words of our Course Director, Gaz Lydon, himself, the main advice would be “Don’t choose a location to complete your training, choose a support structure”… plus look into and research other factors that are important to you!

PADI Course Director Gaz Lydon in Koh Tao Thailand

Ignite your life today!

For more information about your IDC and Course Director, Gaz Lydon visit

How to make the most out of your Divemaster course


The PADI Divemaster is probably the most important course within recreational diving. As a Divemaster Candidate (DMC), you will not only summarise and improve upon all previous dive related knowledge and skills, but truly develop into the divemaster you wish to become in the future. It’s best recommended to take the Divemaster course over 4 – 6 weeks to complete all performance requirements, workshops, and assists, and develop yourself as a PADI Professional. You only plan on doing it once, so best make the most of it! Here are our top tips on how:

1. First and foremost, choose the right dive centre. All PADI dive centres will give you the same certification, however not all dive centres will provide the same training and experience. Training methods, safety standards, equipment quality, instructors, expectations and overall atmosphere will be different depending on where you complete your Divemaster course, so make sure you invest in your future with the right dive centre for you.

All Aboard!

2. Dive dive dive, and dive again. There really is no substitute for practice. The more you dive, the more you will learn, and the better you will become. This is true for not only personal ability in and under the water, but also for other important Divemaster skills such as; boat briefings, dive briefings, skill demonstrations, supervising divers, boat organisation and logistics. The more you put in, the more you will get out. Upon certification you will be responsible for your own group of divers both on and under the water, so best to get comfortable and confident in what is expected of a smiling diving ninja guru, a PADI Divemaster.

DMC Crew!

3. Try to work with multiple instructors and divemasters throughout the DMC workshops and course assists. Each individual PADI Pro will have different tips, tricks and niche expertise for you to learn from, but everyone will also have an individual personality and flare. Try to experience the different teaching styles and methods of different instructors, or the different leading styles of divemasters. You will learn something new from everyone, and the variety and diversity of styles will help you build your very own for the future.

4. Develop good dive habits. Habits are far easier to learn than to forget, so make sure you’re putting into practice the best procedures from the very start. Not only will this make you a better and safer diver, but it will also set an example of role model behaviour to others around you. The PADI Divemaster is a title that inspires confidence and many divers will look to you to set the tone; make sure it’s a good one!

Day At The Office

5. Take this opportunity as a DMC to learn the local dive sites well, and also to educate yourself on the local marine life. Navigation can be tricky, but it comes with hard work and practice, so stick at it. If you intend to work in the same area you completed your Divemaster course, you’ll be expected to know your way around the dive sites. Learning about the local marine life is equally important; knowledge is power! That way you can point out all the amazing and interesting fish to your divers, and answer any questions they may have about what they’re seeing. It’s important to show your love and passion for the oceans to inspire other divers and to enjoy the dive yourself!

6. Submerge yourself in opportunity. There is so so much that goes into operating a dive centre, and this is your opportunity to soak up all of it! Ask questions about everything, lend a hand whenever possible, and say ‘yes’ to every opportunity that comes your way. By fully integrating yourself into the dive team, you’ll gain invaluable experience in the dive industry and prove that you have the drive and ability to work as a Divemaster upon certification.

7. Enjoy it. Throughout the PADI Divemaster course, you will be working very closely with the dive centre staff, instructors, divemasters, and even customers. You’ll make friends as close as family and remember your experience forever, so enjoy it!

MD Team Supreme!


Divemaster Testimony – Jack

Meet Jack, one of our newly qualified PADI Divemasters!

Where are you from? What were you doing before coming to Koh Tao?

I live in East Anglia in England. Before I came to Koh Tao I finished my A levels and after a brief break went straight into a full time job for 6 months to fund my trip to Thailand.

What made you want to become a PADI Pro? What made you choose Koh Tao?

After having done my Open Water in Greece and then Advanced in the UK I enjoyed it so much that I knew I wanted to carry on diving, the next logical step up after doing my Advanced Open Water was coming to Koh Tao to do my Rescue Course and Divemaster! As a PADI Pro you get to introduce new people to diving and also share your passion for diving, what more can anyone ask for!? Part of the reason I chose Koh Tao was due to weather (and warm waters!) but also because of the vast array of dive sites which made diving so interesting and varied. One word… Chumphon.

What were the best aspects of your DM course at Master Divers?

The whole programme was really enjoyable but a personal highlight for me was assisting on courses, from Open waters to Rescues, all the instructors at MD are really great at what they do and have great banter, so assisting is always a pleasure. Open waters are great because you get to watch the development of new divers and also help overcome any problems they have. Assisting Advanced Open Water is great, and for the deep dive you normally go to Chumphon (as you can probably tell, I really like Chumphon). Finally for the rescue course you normally get to enact as a distressed diver (jumping in the water and flailing your arms) which is always good fun!


What was your favorite/most memorable part of the course?

Easily the most memorable moment from the program was doing with DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) workshop with Gaz. To be fully prepared as a Divemaster you must know how to deal with problems encountered by new divers, the workshop consisted of Gaz giving us multiple scenarios at once. For example; what if your student throws their regulator away under water? What if they decide to start power inflating the BCD and start a rapid ascent? All of these problems you must overcome and be fully prepared to deal with when you become a working Divemaster, the workshop was really challenging but also prepares you for any eventualities in the future!

Do you feel the course has prepared you for the Professional world of diving?

Yes, I do. The amount you learn from the 6-8 weeks of training is mind blowing, from completing the Divemaster manual, to doing workshops, to assisting on courses, to completing the swim tests, to giving dive briefings and many other things. There is a reason behind why you do each of these and they not only improves you as a Diver but teaches you how to manage a group of people and help others.

Was there an instructor or staff member in particular who really helped you or enhanced your DM course?

Let me first say, all the instructors at MD are really good at what they do and all of them have an overwhelming passion for diving and teaching others how to dive. For me though Gaz, Danny and Josh really stood out, I did most of my workshops, skill circuits and other training with these three and felt that the quality of teaching was top notch. They all bring a huge amount of experience to the table and this definitely rubs off.


What is your favorite activity on Koh Tao when not diving? What is your favorite restaurant on the island?

One thing I really enjoy doing is exploring the island, hiring a bike and just riding around finding new places, there are some really nice beaches and bays to chill out on around Koh Tao so I would definitely recommend having a look around when you’re not diving. For my favorite restaurant, I don’t think I have a specific one, I try to vary where I eat, but to name a few good ones; Enjoy, Zanzibar (amazing burgers), Sawadee.

What’s the best thing about Koh Tao in general?

I think it’s a mixture of, great weather, warm waters, awesome diving, good food and a generally chilled atmosphere. There is something for everyone on Koh Tao which is what makes it so appealing I think, the fact that it is so cheap and affordable here makes it so much better as well, and allows visitors to stay longterm.


What are your future plans?!

I’m looking into doing my IDC (Instructor Development Course) to become an Open Water Instructor. From there the possibilities are endless, I want to try and do some diving in other parts of Asia or even across the world, maybe even try some Tec diving?

Why Go Pro with Master Divers?

We realise you have a great choice of places to take your Divemaster and Instructor training on Koh Tao, so why should you choose us? Our high ranking on Trip Advisor proves we are generally a highly regarded dive centre, with hundreds of happy divers who have enjoyed their courses with us. But at pro level you need even more out of us than just that…

  • At the professional level, Master Divers still follows the same philosophy that we apply to all our other courses. Small groups and personal attention and development are our mantra – you won’t be lost in a group of 12 or more candidates. We simply limit spaces on our courses so that we do not dilute the training we offer.  Even on the Instructor Development Course (IDC) there is only a maximum of 4 students per instructor.
Confined Water Presentation Training
Confined Water Presentation Training


  • Aside from learning how to become a Divemaster and/or Instructor, there is wealth of knowledge here to soak up. There are technical divers, gas blenders, equipment technicians and divers who have dived for years all over the world. We are busy enough to support a thriving professional level program but not too big so that it’s anonymous and overwhelming, meaning that everyone is able to help and support each other.
  • Our PADI Course Director, Gaz Lyden, is a very experienced and dynamic instructor trainer with a 100% pass rate of his candidates at both Divemaster and IDC level. He has over 12 years’ experience in the industry, including time spent managing a hyperbaric chamber. He has worked across multiple agencies during his tenure and has an incredible depth of knowledge to pass on. In recognition of this, Gaz has been awarded both a membership achievement award, and also a Gold Course Director rating by PADI.
Gaz and his Member Recognition Award
Gaz and his Member Recognition Award


  • Our Divemaster internship will give you insight into how the dive centre works at every level, with experience in day to day running of the centre, dive marketing and social media, dive centre operations and logistics, and opportunities to run some programmes under the supervision of one of our staff, so you have some real hands on experience. We will also assist you in writing a dive CV and help you network to apply for jobs on completion of the course.
Get out there with your CV!
Get out there with your CV!


  • Our career packages provide you with additional specialties and skills needed to give you the edge and enhance your career opportunities.
  • We have an outstanding reputation for producing quality Divemaster and Instructors. We try to employ from within wherever possible, so historically many of our pro level candidates end up working for us. However, other dive centres are very willing to hire our DM & IDC candidates too, because they are confident of their high quality when it comes to standards, proficiency and training.
New PADI Instructors!
New PADI Instructors!


  • We care deeply about our environment and work hard to do what we can, not only to mitigate our impact but help preserve and nurture what we have. We do regular land and sea ‘clean ups’, have a coral nursery and help out with many other artificial reef projects. We are also involved in reef monitoring and surveying for a number of bodies too. We actively promote recycling and the reduction of plastic consumption and waste, and in April 2016 we were the organisers of the biggest island wide dive site clean up in Koh Tao history for World Earth Day. We have a dedicated conservation instructor on staff, and some of our pro packages include a conservation dive and presentation evening so you can learn more about the marine environment that you will be working in.
Earth Day 2016 was a huge success
Earth Day 2016 was a huge success


  • As a dive pro, we recognise that the career path you choose may change continuously over time; so when our new DM’s and Instructors are completing their training we go through career development with them and try to do something called ‘niching’, where we identify areas in which they can do additional training or draw on previous experience and then help uncover new opportunities.
  • We are currently the only dive centres on Koh Tao offering training and development in all four sectors of diving – recreational courses, pro courses, freediving courses and Tec courses. This means you have more opportunities to learn and diversify your skills set.
A Discover Freedive is included as standard in our Divemaster career Package
A Discover Freedive is included as standard in our Divemaster career Package


  • We have lots of contacts with instructors and dive schools in many locations worldwide – Australia, Maldives, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Sri Lanka, just to name a few.

We hope this answers many of the questions you may have had about going pro with us. However if you have any further questions or require more details on any of our dives or courses, please do contact us and we will be only too happy to assist you 🙂

Why Take a Divemaster Internship?

You’ve finished your Divemaster training, so now what? You have been assisting on courses, taken workshops,  skill circuits, and been out diving with other DMT’s, but are you really ready to be out there on your own to lead customers or to conduct scuba reviews? Do you actually know what else is going on in a dive shop and what is expected of you as a full time Divemaster other than being in the water?

This is where the Divemaster internship comes in handy. Here’s why….

Fundivers and Scuba Reviews

During your internship you will take customers out in the water under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor or divemaster.

The main task as a divemaster will be taking customers out in the open water. Either you will lead them on a fundive or you will be conducting scuba reviews. During your divemaster training you might have simulated taking customers out with your fellow divemaster trainees. Maybe you solved a few assigned “problems” left or right. But in the end you have always been diving with “good” divers.

In the real world customers can be really unpredictable. Think about a customer that wants to keep diving after he/she reached 50 bar and simply refuses to go up. Think about a customer that freaks out every time he/she has to do a mask skill. Or even worse, panics every time he/she sees a 2cm big cleaner wrasse (this is a true story!).

During your internship you get to deal with such customers. In case you have a hard time handling the situation there will be an experienced instructor or divemaster nearby to assist you. Hopefully they don’t have to assist, but even then these instructors or divemaster can give you valuable feedback on how you handled the situation and how you might have done it differently!

Scuba Review


During your internship you will yet again assist on another open water course and a rescue course. As a certified divemaster you are now qualified to demonstrate every skill done in these courses, rather than just sitting there and watching how an instructor does all the work or being used as the victim for a rescue scenario.

Did you master all your skills yet?? It is very convenient to have an experienced instructor by your side to help you when a customer looks clueless after your (not so) perfect demonstration. And yet again the instructors can give you valuable feedback on how you demonstrate your skills.

Surface Marker Buoy

You will also assist on a EFR course. Are you interested in talking about medical stuff? This is your moment to find out.

The EFR course is the only non-diving related course that every dive pro has to do. Therefor it is possible to become an EFR instructor without becoming a diving instructor. As an EFR instructor you will be a great added value to a divecentre because you can take the pressure of other instructors in busy periods.

Gear/Technician Days

During your internship you will spend a day with one of the full time divemasters to clean equipment.

A good divecentre looks after its rental equipment. All gear will be washed after a daysof diving. But it is hard to clean diving equipment from the inside. Most divecentres will therefore periodically wash all equipment themselves. Most likely you as a divemaster will be responsible for this. During this cleaning process the gear will be partially disassembled so it can be inspected and cleaned from the inside in places that are normally hard to reach.

Also during your training to become a divemaster you will most likely have noticed that a lot of rental equipment has minor failures (small bubbles leaking from somewhere?!?). If not looked after this might cause a major problem. During your internship you will spend a day with one of the shops equipment technicians to see how they repair gear. This does not only give you a better inside in how diving equipment works, but maybe you might actually like tinkering with equipment.

If you do like tinkering with equipment you might look at doing your Equipment Specialist Course. Doing this course will be a major career boost! After this course you will much more valuable for a divecentre, because you can now repair and maintain the equipment!

Equipment Maintenance


During your internship you will work in the office for a day. Most divemasters like to be in the water and don’t want to worry about paperwork. But unfortunately with diving comes a lot of paperwork.

If you work in a big divecentre most likely there will be a fulltime member of staff to handle most of the administration for you. If you work at a smaller divecentre, most likely you will have to do the paperwork yourself. Either way it is good to know how the administration is done. Or you will have to do it yourself or you know how to help your co-workers in the office as efficiently as possible. It’s always good to be loved by the office people, in the end they make your schedule and they pay your salary!

Social Media

During your internship you will spend half a day to see how social media works at a professional level and how this can get more customers into you divecentre.

These days social media is the most powerful tool to get customers to you divecentre. These days 99% of the customers will look at google, tripadvisor, facebook, twitter etc., before they walk into a divecentre. If you are not on there and your neighbour is, guess what divecentre they will walk in first. Therefore understanding social media is very useful for you as a divemaster.

If you are interested in social media or have some experience with using it, this may add value your CV over that of another CV because you know how to get the customers into the shop!

Social Media


During your internship you will organize a clean-up day. This can either be a beach clean-up or a dive clean-up.

There are many articles already written about conservation, but it can’t be said enough, ocean pollution is a major issue! For some of us it’s hard to imagine, but in most countries in the world waste is either burned locally or being flooded into the ocean by streams and rivers. Plastic and glass especially are a major problem since it takes nature 100-1000 years to break these products down into reusable material.

You might not be able to solve this issue by yourself, but if you are aware of it, you can make the people around you and your customers aware of it. And then hopefully one day we can solve this problem together!!

Beach Clean Up
Beach Clean Up


My conclusion? A Divemaster Internship is a great way to extend your experience as a divemaster while getting useful feedback from experienced instructors and divemasters. Beside it gives you a good overview of what is expected of you when you start working as a fulltime divemaster.

Last but not least, it’s a great added value to your (still empty) CV as a new Divemaster!


How to market yourself as a PADI Dive Professional.

You’ve just completed your IDC. Now what, It’s not uncommon for newly qualified instructors to hit a wall after becoming certified. Now what they ask? Two weeks of intensive study now I need to find some work and get some experience, this can be very daunting prospect with little or no experience, there are a few steps to consider before getting too caught up about it!

Its always good to get some experience under your weight belt, as well as a few specialties; the best way to do this is through the MSDT Internship Program which sees you gaining 5 specialty instructor ratings and team teaching a variety of courses until you reach 25 certifications. This is a great way of learning from other instructors as well as a great way of gaining confidence and developing your own style of teaching.

Deploying a dSMB from underwater.
Deploying a dSMB from underwater.

When you are at a stage where you are ready to actively look for work whether you’re looking for a full time position or a freelance position its important to sell yourself and this starts with the CV, below are a few Do’s and Dont’s for writing a diving CV.


  • Keep it short; diving CVs should fit onto one page.
  • Do put your name, phone number and and professional level somewhere obvious so that potential employers can get to the important info fast.
  • DOUBLE CHECK your phone number and other contact information, this may seem like a silly thing to point out but it happens more often than you may think.
  • If you are bilingual/multilingual put which languages you can speak on your CV, this is a very big selling point!
  • Do invest in some insurance and put it somewhere clearly on the CV, depending on where you are in the world the type of insurance you need will differ so make sure you are covered correctly.
  • Do put a photo on your CV, if possible a colour one and remember this is for a job, make sure the photo is suitable.
  • Give a couple of references; whether its someone from previous job or your DMT Coordinator or Course Director but do always ask permission from the person you intend to put as your referee.


  • Don’t forget to mention the equipment you own, there are few dive centres that will employ someone who doesn’t own there own equipment
  • Don’t forget to put your PADI Pro number on your CV, somewhere apparent so the dive school can check if you are in status.
  • Don’t put your full employment history on the CV as this could take up a couple of pages and it’s sometimes not relevant.
  • Don’t lie!
Get out there with your CV!
Get out there with your CV!

Handing out your CV:
Handing out CVs can sometimes be a daunting experience but just relax and smile, chances are you will be asked some basic questions on the spot if you are going into the shop so be prepared and make sure it is somewhere on your CV as well! First and foremost look presentable and be polite; certain questions you may get asked are how long are you around for, this is one of the first questions Master Divers will ask someone who hands in a CV. Other questions you may get asked is if you have insurance and whether you own all of your own equipment, these two are both big MUSTS especially on Koh Tao and other busy dive industry spots around the world.
Always do some research on the dive school you are handing your CV to before you go there, if you know they are a family based dive school that aims to give people a personal experience with small group sizes then don’t go in looking worse for wear and bragging about the 8 pack course you just completed. Gauge the dive centre before you even step foot through its doors.

Ready to Go !
Ready to Go !

Most importantly get out there! Teaching people how to dive is an incredible experience, enjoy it and good luck!

Celebrating PADI Women’s Day 18th July 2015

Master Divers prides itself on being a cut above the rest, and unique within the diving industry. And by that we mean that we are one of the very few dive centers run by women. From female owners, female Tec Gas Blenders, female dive operations managers, to female instructors and dive masters. Anything you need doing or any question you may need answering, these ladies have it covered! Our team of women are all avid scuba divers whose passion for the industry shines through with the time and effort they spend making sure everyone who walks through the dive centre doors has a fun, safe and memorable experience.

Master Divers

In other industries this may not seem like a very big deal, however in an industry (which up until very recently has been dominated by men) this is a huge thing! Scuba diving was generally not a very female friendly sport up until the 1980’s when the male to female ratio of divers started to balance out; nowadays its on a pretty even keel with men making up 60% of divers and women making up the other 40%!

Read below to meet the ladies in charge!

The Dive Centre is co owned by Elaine and Linzi: 

Elaine’s first dives were during a holiday in Corfu in 1988. She then continued to dive around the world for many years before finally completing her PADI Open Water Diver Course in Koh Phi Phi. She was hooked and headed to Koh Tao where she trained all the way through to PADI Staff Instructor with Master Divers. Elaine was given the opportunity to buy into Master Divers 6 years ago and jumped at the opportunity. Knowing this industry and Koh Tao were where she was meant to be, Elaine started to build up Master Divers to be the place that she has dreamt of for many years. Being an incredible business woman with buckets of innovation she has built up an amazing centre where families, backpackers and tourists are welcome through the doors. She has spent months and months teaching herself web design, retail management, social media…you name it she’s studied it! Its safe to say this lady is the foundation of the school and without her hard work and dedication it wouldn’t be the place it is today.


Elaine at work

Elaine and Thelma

Linzi used to be a horse riding instructor, and later a college lecturer, so has always been a teacher of some kind! She has a foundation degree in Psychology and 2 full degrees – one in Travel & Tourism Management, and another in Teaching. All of which are surprisingly helpful for being a diving instructor!Linzi with friends


She came to Koh Tao on holiday in 2008 and somehow never left! She completed all of her pro level training here and worked as Divemaster before doing her IDC. She has been head instructor at 2 local dive centres before moving into dive centre management in 2013. Linzi has always been familiar with MD, having freelanced for the shop in the past and loved the focus on safety, eco diving and adherence to meeting and exceeding both PADI and industry wide standards. So when the opportunity to become a partner in the school came about, she couldn’t turn it down!  11182636_10153804513304838_5566476854344034439_o

She came onboard in June as an owner and is starting beginning of August as owner manager when surrent manager, Charlotte, moves on to her new travelling adventures. The whole shop is looking forward to having her around and she is super excited to be part of such a well established, successful and respected dive centre.


The Dive Centre Manager: Charlotte

Elaine and Charlotte ready to dive

She took her first underwater breaths on SCUBA at the tender age of 10, but it was quite a few years later that she took her PADI Open Water Diver course. Inspired by her friend who was already an instructor, a few years later, Charlotte came to Thailand for 3 months to train as a dive professional. A year later, she came back to Thailand to work full-time in the dive industry, Charlotte is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer .


Charlotte Diving

Not only is she an experienced PADI Instructor, Charlotte is also the Dive Shop Manager, overseeing everything dive related, she’s in charge of making sure that the day to day running of the centre goes smoothly, organising the instructors and dive masters, as well as responding to potential new customers queries through enquiries! Charlotte is a very strong role model for all members of staff and her professionalism in second to none.


Heather: Operations Manager

Heather comes from Cape Town in South Africa. There, Heather worked for a textile company, where she was involved in office administration amongst other roles. Her diving career started in South Africa after being tricked into doing her Open Water in the cold Cape Town waters!  Luckily she loved it so much (despite the temperature!) that she progressed to her Advanced Open Water and her Wreck Diver Specialty.Heather diving!
Heather came to Koh Tao in January 2014 for a diving holiday where she met her soon to be husband Gary.
Heather is now the dive operations manager and you will find her greeting you on arrival, answering your emails, helping you with paperwork, and assisting with any and all diving related queries. Heather and Charlotte/Linzi work closely together to make sure that everything is organised and scheduled for the coming days.

Heather & Gary


Natalia: Dive Operations

Natalia comes from the beautiful city of St Petersburg in Russia.  After graduating from University with a degree in psychology, she felt the need for adventure, travel, and a life by the sea.

Natalia Diving

Her first stop was Egypt where she lived, worked and fell in love with scuba diving and the lifestyle. She traveled and worked her way to tiny Koh Tao where she has settled and has been with MD for 18 months. Natalia is queen of organising, whether its accounts or paper work she knows exactly where to find it! She is also our resident travel guide; whether its tips on where to eat or which ferry to get or where the best beaches are in Thailand, she is the woman to ask! You will usually find Natalia with an animal or two following her around!

Natalia and the shop dogs


Jasmin: Eco Queen & Social Media Marketing

Jasmin is a PADI Divemaster  and an EFR Instructor, she is now aiming towards doing her IDC and becoming a specialty instructor in everything marine conservation and photography related.

Jasmin Diving

Jasmin coordinates all the conservation activities, as well as being behind the the computer updating the blogs, social media and dive reports, but you will also see her behind the desk ready to check you in! She shares MD’s ethos of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ and hopes to pass it on to everyone she comes across.

Jasmin at work


Simone: Full time Divemaster

Simone came to Master Divers last year to do a DSD and fell in love with all things scuba and pretty much never left!
Simone coordinates the boats and makes sure the equipment area is organised and that everything is ready (including customers and staff members) for the given boat times. You will usually find Simone maintaining the equipment, refreshing divers who haven’t dived for a while or guiding fun divers around the dive sites of Koh Tao!

Simone Diving


Anne: Staff Instructor

Anne has been working in the diving industry for several years, and her knowledge of the industry along with her background in management makes her an incredible asset to the team. Her passion for diving and her professionalism is second to none! If she’s not in the water you will find her around the shop helping customers and the shop staff with anything and everything!

Anne teaching

Anne and customers


Luchia: Master Scuba Diver Trainer

With the patience of a saint and the enthusiasm of someone who has just been introduced to diving, this young lady is a powerhouse of an instructor! She’s been with MD for over a year, after originally coming with the intention of completing her Dive Master Training. However she quickly realised the dream of becoming a PADI Instructor was just too much to pass up, so she stayed! You can usually find Luch helping organise the boats, or in the classroom going through dive theory with her students, and of course in the water!




Together they share the passion for offering a quality dive experience and maintaining a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, whilst concentrating on professionalism, safety and the environment.

This blog has been created to celebrate the women behind this vision.


Happy PADI Women’s Day!