Master Divers Life Contest Blog by Alex Martin

We are pleased to present our first Master Divers Life contest blog by contestant Alex Martin

Imagine with me if you will, a forest underwater. Silent, save for the sound of the rolling waves above. Sunlight creeps through the blades of kelp floating on the surface, a yellow brilliance that blocks out direct sunlight until a ray shines through and catches your eye. Under the canopy of kelp stalks, an eerie silence takes hold as you make your way through a forest covered in a blanket of thick fog. The murky existence is breathtaking and beautiful to those willing to embrace the chill that comes with exploring this environment.


Now close your eyes and lets travel to another part of the world. As you open your eyes, you look to the left, and to the right. Along the 100-foot span of a steep underwater wall a large ecosystem of coral, soft and hard alike, covers everything you can see. It is alive with thousands of organisms. The sound of something like cereal crackling like you’ve just poured milk in the bowl is audible. It is a metropolis of underwater life. You want to race around and see everything you can, but there is no prize for first place. If you take your time and look closely enough, shrimp, plankton, and even maybe a sea horse can be found hiding in the multitude of coral species they call home.

Team Bonaire

I have had the joy of spending 300 or so hours in this world. It has brought me closer to nature, and I have found beauty in the smallest nooks and crannies within the ocean. Moments appear and disappear with the currents. It is a place that gets you as close to being an astronaut floating weightlessly in space as possible. A world so different than the one we walk in day to day, yet so similar. These creatures live in tepid harmony, some in symbiotic relationships of peace, some as predator and prey.

This world and its global ecosystem has the same degree of symbiotic life. Our oxygen comes more from the ocean than anywhere else. It is as vital to our existence on this earth as any other resource. It is the cradle of creation where life began in this world; where the first organisms emerged and began their evolutionary journey to where we are today.

Jelly Fish


Many of us try to give back to what got us to where we are today; to our parents, our schools, our friends, our community. Yet for some of us it is hard to give back to something we don’t see as particularly related to us, even though it is the origin of life on this planet. There is so much that makes us who we are that it is hard to think of it like this, but we must try. In all facets of life we must attempt to do better, to be better.

Back under the waves, a group of divers is on a daily mission to clean up an area of the Caribbean that has brought them much joy over their trip. A bag full of bottles, plastic, and other miscellaneous garbage in tow. A young juvenile sea turtle swims up to the diver and tries to nip at the bag, looking for food. It is a very adorable moment, an awesome moment for the diver holding the bag that has the opportunity to have a turtle so close and so friendly. It is also a reminder of how much of what we manufacture, how much we consume and discard, can affect what we don’t see on a daily basis.

A possibility of a new path has opened up. Koh Tao is considered by some to be one of the most environmentally conscious islands in the world. Also known as Turtle Island, it is major hub of diving certification, it is a brilliant display of knowledge and understanding to what it means to be not only a safe diver, but an informed diver. Concerned with conservation, the team at Master Divers look for individuals that share in their love of the ocean and hope of preserving it to join their ranks. It is a place that I have never been to before, which brews excitement. The possibility to learn in a new place, with new conditions and new adventures. I hope that soon I can be included among them. A chance to continue my education in diving has been on my horizon, and this opportunity is welcomed with joy and resolved that no work is a simple task. We all have a further opportunities to take in life, and I hope that this can be my next step.

This ecosystem has brought me so much joy, so much excitement, and has taught me more than I can ever hope to retain. In my travels, I have only learned that there are more places I want to go. More experiences I want to have. My desire to share that with more people is a dream I’m willing to go the extra mile for. There is so much beauty everywhere we go. There is so much more to learn.

Sea Plane

                So please, follow along with me as I journey this world to discover new places to dive, new ways to explore, and new ways to communicate and share this world. It is a beautiful place. One that will be here long after we are gone, one way or another. I hope you come along with me and share in the joy that this underwater world brings.


It’s Never Too Early to Learn About the Perils of Plastic!

It really is never too early to learn about single use plastics, and how we all need to be aware of our plastic consumption and waste production. So we’d like to say a big thank you one of our favourite returning customers Catherine, for educating her students at Holy Trinity Primary School in London about the perils of plastics.

Catherine is a regular diver with us, having originally visited to take her PADI Open Water Diver course in the summer of last year, but has returned recently to complete her PADI Advanced Open Water and PADI Wreck Diver courses. All three courses were conducted by our full time Conservation Instructor, Hayley, so it was pretty impossible not to leave with a new found appreciation of our fragile environment, and the steps that can – and should! – be taken to protect it.

Catherine with buddy Caroline, and Instructors Hayley & Kiri


Catherine set a contest at her school for students to design a poster to promote saying no to plastic, and 54 students aged between 4 and 11 entered. We were delighted to learn about the competition, as we are always up for spreading the word about environmental issues. So when we heard about it, we were of course happy to offer a prize to the winning student.

The winning poster! We love it!


Congratulations Julia, who is 11 years old and currently in year 6. Her winning entry won her a pack of great eco goodies to help her and her family reduce their plastic consumption. Julia received a set of eco straws, a Master Divers reusable shopping bag, a Trash Hero reusable water bottle with Master Divers cooler jacket, and 2 Shark Guardian books – one for her, and one for her classmates to read. She will also receive a free PADI PADI Junior Open Water Divers Course!

Julia with her winning poster and Master Divers goodie bag


Very well done Julia, we loved you design and we can’t wait to make a PADI Junior Open Water Diver out of you!. We are also very happy to hear that the Shark Guardian book is a firm favourite and always in use at break times. It’s fantastic that we have a group of young people so enthusiastic about protecting our oceans and its inhabitants already!

Special thanks to Catherine for setting up the competition, and for being environmentally aware and dedicated in spreading the word to the next generation of ocean warriors. Education is the key, and its amazing to see this school of youngsters getting a head start in environmental awareness!



Master Divers Life Contest – Blog Guidelines

With our Master Divers Life contest drawing to a close for entry forms and video submissions on June the 1st and 2nd respectively, it’s nearly time to announce our finalists – and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ll be reaching out to our top 10 in the first week of June, and we’ll officially announce the line up on June 8th once everyone has confirmed their availability to travel and commence their training – so keep an eye on your emails!


First of all to those who are lucky enough to make the final cut and be named one of our top 10 contestants, then congratulations! That takes you one big leap closer and just a blog away from perhaps being the lucky winner who gets to join us on Koh Tao and live the dream by becoming a PADI Instructor with us here on Koh Tao – and snag yourself a full set of top of the range Aqua Lung equipment along the way! In case you need a little reminder as to exactly what you win and the value of all the prizes, you can check out a breakdown on our Master Divers Life prizes page.  Excited much?! You should be!


So….how do you make an impression with your blog? As with your video compilation, we are really looking to get a feel for you as a person and get a sense of your passion for the marine environment. As a dive centre so heavily focused on conservation, the only stipulation is that your blog should focus on a conservation topic that you have been involved in, would like to be involved in or that is close to your heart….so plenty scope there I’m sure you’ll agree! From your videos we’ve already seen a whole array of personalities and passions, so we are excited to see what you have to say about your chosen topic in writing!

Master Divers Life

We’ll be publishing the blog of each of the 10 finalists on our facebook page prior to announcing the winner, so if you want to send some pictures and videos to embed in your blog please do feel free to add them as attachments and let us know what you’d like the title/captions to be.



The minimum word count is 700 words, but your blog should be no longer than 3000 words.

All blogs should be original work, with no copied text taken from other sources.

All completed blogs, along with any images or video files should be sent to by June 15th.

Please do not include any images or videos that you do not own or have permission to share.

Win your Master Divers Life


So…it’s time to get your blog on and start writing! The winner will be announced on July the 4th…and IT COULD BE YOU!

We cant wait to read what you all come up with. Good luck to you all!


How Diving On Koh Tao Can Change Your Life!

If you’d told me 10 years ago that I’d be where I am now, I’d have never believed you! In my head life was already mapped out, and I was definitely one of those ‘go to university, take a gap year, then get a proper job and settle down’ types! So in many ways my eyes were pretty blinkered to the possibilities of a completely different way of life. But then something changed… I’d been to university, I’d taken a gap year (which actually turned into 2 gap years without much active thought or persuasion!), I had a proper job (and a pretty good one at that!). But the settling down bit….well turns out it just wasn’t for me – not in the conventional sense at least!

Beautiful Scerery in New Zealand


So….what to do? Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t unhappy. I had a good job (which on some days I liked, but in all honestly never really loved), a great group of friends, and an active social and sporting life. Somewhere deep down though, I knew I could be happier, and I felt like I was just going through the motions. Constantly working towards the next promotion or pay rise, always on the lookout for new opportunities where I could step up the chain, or even step sideways into another field where I would be happier/more fulfilled. Plus I still had itchy feet from my time overseas. Sound familiar?!…

Classic Gap Year Tourist!


The following summer I’d arranged a reunion holiday with my bestie from my gap year who was still living in Australia, and Thailand seemed like a cool equidistant place to meet. At the end of our trip I still had a few extra days whereas my friend had to fly home and get back to work. So while walking down Khao San Road on her last night, we ducked into a travel agency and I booked a package trip to Koh Tao to learn to dive. And the rest, as they say, is history!…

My First Ever Tuc Tuc Ride!


I took my PADI Open Water Course, stayed on for my PADI Advanced Open Water Course, then extended my stay (again!) to take some fun dives. By the end up my trip I was in love with both diving and Koh Tao, and knew for sure that I wanted to become a PADI Instructor here. I was also on particularly good terms with Anastasia in the Quantas office, who was incredibly patient and helpful on every occasion that I called up to delay my return flights for ‘just another couple of days’ while I took my Advanced course and fun dives! But that’s another story…

My First Koh Tao Sunset


And so I did it! I returned home and started planning. I handed in my notice at work, sold my car, and started ebaying furniture, clothes and anything else that would not be required for my new island lifestyle! It was a huge decision and turning point in my life, and not one I took lightly. But I knew deep down it was the right decision. Telling my family and friends was the hardest part, as I really do love and miss so many people back home…just not enough to live there! 😉 Besides, having a friend or relative to visit in a sunny tropical paradise somewhat softened the blow of my leaving for most people!

My First Whale Shark!


The minute my feet set foot on Koh Tao, any lingering reservations just dropped away. I felt like I was firmly in the right place at the right time, and I was excited to begin my training!

A decade later and I still feel the same excitement and passion for both diving and Koh Tao as I did back then. The dive industry is home to such an awesome community of people, and Koh Tao…well Koh Tao just has it all!  And if it worked for me, it can work out for you too!

Considering it? If it helps, here are some answers to the most common questions that are most likely running through your head right now… It it a risk? To an extent, yes. One worth taking? Absolutely! Any regrets? Hell no! Did some of my friends and family think I was crazy? Probably! Are they all super jealous now? To the max! 🙂

Classic Koh Tao Sunset with Friends


So what are you waiting for? Enter our Master Divers Life contest and get planning to live your best life with us here on Koh Tao! Find details and enter at


What is a Master Divers Life?


As most of you will already know, this month we are running our 25th anniversary campaign, allowing one lucky applicant to Win a PADI dive career with our Master Divers Life Contest! 

The prize includes all PADI courses up to Instructor, including fees and certification costs, a full set of Aqua Lung equipment, as well as a Conservation Package. The prize value is over 11,000USD, but the opportunity to live the dream on our paradise island goes way further than that.

So what can you expect from your Master Divers Life if you win? We could write an novel (or several!) on how amazing our dive family is, the calibre of our teaching, and why you should want to join us. You don’t have to just take our word for it though, as we have several customers, students and staff members, all with their own unique Master Divers Life, who can all tell you the same thing! So why not take their word for it instead…


Kevin Fletcher – Loyal Fun Diver and BSAC Dive Leader 

Loyal Fun Diver Kevin
Kevin Diving in chilly UK waters


Back in 2003 when I first encountered Master Divers it was under the ownership of a close friend who organised a group trip to Koh Tao for our BSAC club from London. Safety was always the keyword and I am glad to say that feature has remained paramount over the years. In fact, when ownership transferred to the present owner’s, things only took a turn for the better. What was an already a first class dive school blossomed into the efficient, disciplined and very personal outfit it is today. I mention this as some of the Dive Schools in Koh Tao seem to concentrate on producing ‘qualified’ divers in a less personal and professional way. Numbers overtake other priorities. Not so with Master Divers. I have continued to patronise this establishment because of the friendly approach to every client – you are not a number but an individual. This is reflected in the student-to-instructor ratio, making every student, fun diver and snorkeller feel part of a family. No corners are cut. The standard of equipment provided is up there with the best. I am an equipment officer for my club so notice immediately when things are not quite right. At MD if there is a problem with a piece of kit (which inevitably happens) it is immediately withdrawn from use and rectified/repaired.

Fun Diving Koh Tao
Fun Diving on Koh Tao


I have continued to come back to MD over the years, now racking up over 200 fun dives with this company. I even brought my son here to learn to dive because I had complete confidence in their professional ability. They care. Enquiries are always responded to in a timely and friendly fashion. They have a wealth of knowledge about this lovely island stemming from years of residing there with the people that matter – the locals! For instance, their No1 boat captain, P Dong,  has substantial seniority over some of the other dive boat captains on the island which can reap huge benefits at popular dive sites. He is the most experienced and capable captain I have come across. I will continue to use this dive school for as many years as I have left to safely dive, and dive safely!


Jacques Diedericks – Rescue Diver and Father to 2 Future Dive Pros!

Going to Thailand on our first family scuba trip – with hours and hours of research to find the best dive operation was of utmost importance as our two boys 13 and 10 just qualified in their Junior Open Water course and I wanted their first diving experience to be good, as this would set the tone for their future diving experiences. With this in mind I emailed several what seemed to be top end diving operations with information on our diving back ground and our plans to do some fun dives and courses during our 4 week stay.

Well to my surprise some never even replied whilst some replied by “copy and paste” their website pages back to me (which I had already read hence my initial email) and the only guys that got back to me referring to each and every request and concern in detail was Master Divers. They even offered to help us with our travel itinerary from Koh Samui to Koh Tao and offer help in recommending accommodation.

Happy Junior Divers


Having reasonable experience myself, but with my boys obviously being very new to the world of diving, I can honestly say all three of us were blown away by the experience we had. I arrived with my Rescue Diver qualifications and during my time with Master Divers I progressed through to Master Diver Level. Our boys progressed with a further 2 courses which included Peak Performance Buoyancy and Underwater Navigator specialties. The number one thing that stood out to us about Master Divers was their detailed focus on all safety aspects without fail. The boys completed 28 dives in their time with Master Divers, and dived with 7 different instructors and 4 different dive masters – and every single one of them delivered detailed dive safety briefs before every dive and debriefed the boys after every dive. The second most important experience we had was how accommodating, friendly and personable the team were through out our visit. These guys really go out of their way to ensure your dream dive trip becomes a reality beyond any expectations.

Head instructor Jason with Jacques and his boys


I can’t say enough about this fantastic dive business and their incredible team that we got to know, as every one of them made our visit the most unbelievable dream holiday of a lifetime. My 13 year old son and I did our very last dive as a night dive (my son’s first ever night dive) and what an epic experience. I remember after surfacing we just laughed and laughed as we had no words – thank you so so much for that lasting memory. We had some professional under water photographs taken too which really helped to capture the experience to share with family and friends.

Months later my boys are still buzzing from the amazing experiences and memories made in Koh Tao. To all at Master Divers, we can not thank you enough and can sincerely only hope to dive with and be trained by you in the future.


Hayley Pearce – PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer & Marine Conservation Instructor

My Master Divers’ Life started 3 years ago when I was travelling and decided to stop at Koh Tao to do some diving. As a PADI Advanced Open Water diver I had never done any fun dives, just my Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water courses, so it was all very new and exciting. I was so impressed with how Master Divers operated, their focus on the environment and the team that they had, that I started to think that one day, I could do the same. They were then, and still are, the best company I have dived with.

The choice to do my PADI Divemaster with them was easy and I’m so glad I did! Since I’ve been here I have learned so much from such caring, professional and fun people; I feel like I have extended my family! The learning curve was huge, but I almost didn’t notice it happening as you work with so many talented people, and naturally absorb good techniques and habits.

Hayley Scuba Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand
Scuba Smile!


I spent a lot of time before coming here thinking about whether I would carry on to Instructor level. I planned on doing it, I just wasn’t sure when. As soon as my Divemaster was finished though, I wanted to continue to the next level. I had been given the confidence to carry on from such great training, something I know I was lacking at the start having taken my initial certification courses elsewhere. Master Divers is an environment that breeds a desire to learn and grow. Also, the fact that most of the Instructors at Master Divers have been trained by Gaz, our PADI Course Director, says such fantastic things about what a great teacher he is, that I knew I couldn’t waste that opportunity.

PADI Instructor Koh Tao
Always happy to be in the water


Now I’m a PADI Instructor and every day I’m grateful for my choices. Watching the look on people’s faces when they first see the underwater world (that I spend every day in!), seeing them go from beginner up to pro level and the joy on people’s faces when they see their first Whale Shark: that’s never going to get boring! To quote one of my customers ‘You basically get to hang out with your mates on boats and get paid to go diving’. Pretty much, yes! And I love it!


Andy Durrant – Pro Level Student and Now PADI Instructor

The first time I came to Koh Tao was to visit a Diving Instructor friend and do a few dives, having already completed my Open Water and Advanced courses in Bali about 18 months prior. I came certain that I simply enjoyed diving but was not looking to progress further (besides perhaps the odd specialty) but somehow left Koh Tao determined to return and complete my Divemaster. Funny how things can change so quickly!

My friend recommended Master Divers as they are very focused on standards, professionalism and safety, and so it is the ideal place for any new professionals to train so that no ‘bad habits’ can set in. I have to say having now completed my Divemaster and then deciding to complete my Instructor course here I have no regrets as the standards of teaching and general professionalism have been incredible throughout – this goes for all staff whether they be Divemaster, Instructors, Course Directors or even Office staff. Everyone has one goal –  to be the best dive centre on koh Tao.

PADI Pro Training Koh Tao
Divemaster in training


One of the best things about Master Divers is the family feel, it is large enough to have a good selection of facilities and options for different divers, but it is not too big that you start to feel like a number on a sheet of paper. Everyone is unbelievably friendly and welcoming – a great example of this would be that the night I arrived on the island and popped in to introduce myself and complete paperwork. I was told there would be power cuts the next day and so the staff invited me along to play ‘Office Olympics’ with them. I believe there is some evidence of this on their facebook page somewhere!

They are also very Environmentally conscious with one full time Instructor dedicated to Environmental projects. There’s always something going on – from eco quiz and movie nights, to environmental presentations and working with local government to drive sustainable initiatives across the island.

PADI Divemaster in Training
Andy Underwater


I have very grateful to have been told about Master Divers as since becoming a professional I have had the opportunity to work or visit other dive shops –  and whilst the vast majority are good and unique in their own way, Master Divers stands apart significantly in terms of professionalism and the quality of training I have received.


So….are you ready to change your life for the better and find your very own Master divers Life?! Our contest closes for entries on June 1st, so enter today to be in with a chance to Win a PADI Dive career in paradise! 


Happy Songkran (Thai New Year!)

Considered quite simply ‘The Best Day Ever’ by most who experience it, Songkran is an experience to be remembered. Celebrated on the 13th April every year, the original meaning behind this amazing water festival was to rinse away the previous year’s sins with water, and enter the new year cleansed and revitalised. However…over the years this tradition has morphed into what can only be described as the most insane water fight ever! It’s the most popular public holiday, and an amazing party that everyone gets involved in. Celebrated by toddlers and pensioners alike, men women and children around the country flock to the streets to spray – and be sprayed – with water.



Sounding pretty amazing?! It is! Considered the favorite day of the year by Thai’s and expat’s alike, its a super fun time to get involved with the local community and celebrate. Everywhere you go from the main street to side streets, and from the beach to every bar and swimming pool, there’ll be a party to join. Here in Koh Tao the this lasts for just one day. However elsewhere in Thailand New Year celebrations can last anything from 3 days to a week – particularly in the big cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai.


Do keep your wits about you though. It’s no fun if you are too sick or injured to enjoy it! To help with that here’s our top tips for Songkran Survival:

Reapply your sunscreen frequently. It will wash off several times over throughout the day, so you can easily get burned.

Drink lots of water. Running around in the sun all day (no doubt with a beer in hand for the most part!) will dehydrate you, and the local clinics often report a surge in dehydration sickness & heat exhaustion/sun stroke at this time of year.

This is the hottest time of year on Koh Tao, so please be respectful of our fragile island environment. There is a constant shortage of fresh water supplies, so use sea water to refill your super-soakers.

Do not take phones, cameras or other electronic equipment out with you. Whatever your intentions, you WILL get drenched and anything not fully waterproofed will get ruined. Any valuables that you cannot do without should be safely inside a dry dock pouch or dry bag.

Avoid driving motorbikes/quads anywhere. No one gets a free pass at Songkran, and with everyone wrapped up in the party atmosphere, even motorists are fair game for a face shot with a super-soaker! You’ll still get water and powder thrown in your face, which makes accidents a lot more prevalent. You have been warned!

Some of the powders used as part of the traditions have been replaced over the years by prickly heat powder and similar. So protect your eyes – it stings!

We hope you have a wonderful celebration, and happy 2561 (yes, we’re a few hundred years ahead in the Buddhist calendar!) from all of us here at Master Divers 🙂


Sabai Dee Pee Mai! (Happy New Year!)

Master Divers Life Video Hints


We are very excited at the response we are getting to our 25th anniversary contest to win a PADI dive career with us right here on Koh Tao! We’ve had a number of applications already and videos are starting to filter in now too. So if you have submitted your application form already, please do submit your video as soon as you are able. In order to be short listed as one of the 10 finalists, you either need to be in the 5 selected by our judging panel, or in the top 5 by community vote on our facebook page. So…the sooner your video goes live the more time you have to get those all important votes to ensure you progress to the next stage!


Win your Master Divers Life Master Divers Life


So…what are we looking for in your videos we hear you ask? Well, first and foremost we are looking to meet you! We don’t need pro level video or anything flashy – we will be selecting the finalists based purely on your personality and passion!

We just want to see why you think you should win, and get to know a bit about your love for the natural world, and your experiences with diving, marine life, marine or land conservation etc. We appreciate that perhaps you are not able to ditch everything and go diving any time you want to (yet!), but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a lot to offer! So here are a few questions and examples to get you started – although feel free to be creative, it’s by no means an extensive list….

Is there a story behind your love of diving? Tell us why you want to make the ocean your office!

Do you have a favourite marine creature? What do you love about it and why?

What would be your perfect dive? Tell us all about it!

Why do you want to become a PADI Instructor?

Have you taken part in some interesting community projects (either land or sea based)? Tell us how you contributed!

Maybe you have a passion for teaching/training already from another field?

Are you proactive in your efforts to be sustainable and reduce pollution and plastic etc? We’d love to hear about your passion for the environment!

Have you already been involved in any conservation activities?

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to get you started. We cant wait to see what you all come up with! Feel free to get your friends involved too – either with the filming or as part of the video. The more we know about you, the easier it will be to see how you will fit into our amazing team!

So…what are you waiting for. Get those video entries submitted today to be in with the chance to win your dream life!


Master Divers Team

WIN your PADI Dive Career with Master Divers!

By now we hope you’ve seen – and entered and shared! – our Master Divers Life contest. We’re incredibly excited to be offering this life changing opportunity. It will open up a whole new way of life to the lucky winner, and we don’t mid telling you we’ll all be pretty jealous of them in their swanky new gear!

So why are we doing this you may be asking? This is surely to good to be true?! Well, believe it…. it’s real!

As its our 25th anniversary we wanted to give something back by giving someone the same exciting career progression and options that all of us here have had. For most of us here at Master Divers, diving has changed our lives entirely. From where we live, the skills and knowledge we’ve developed, our amazing tropical lifestyle, our friends, our career progression, and our future dreams and goals etc, finding a passion for diving has been a real game changer in every aspect. So why not provide another lucky diver to opportunity to join our ranks and live the dream too?!



For those of you who have not dived or trained with us yet, you probably want to know a bit about us… We are a 5 star PADI IDC Centre, with a reputation for our high standards, safety and experience. We a renowned for the quality of our training, and for providing the best dive experiences on Koh Tao whilst maintaining a friendly and relaxed environment. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable and passionate staff make us a sought after destination for certified divers and students alike.



With the help of our friends at PADI and Aqua Lung, we’ve put together an amazing prize package! The winner of our Master Divers Life contest will receive training with us in all PADI courses up to and including Instructor (including all materials and fees), a Marine Conservation Package and a full set of ‘top of the range’ Aqua Lung dive gear. The prize fund exceeds US$11,000 in courses and merchandise, but the chance to live, learn and experience the Master Divers’ Life goes far beyond that! So, what exactly do you get if you win? ……


You’ll get to hone your dive skills on any recreational courses needed to begin your professional level training. This includes PADI Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response and Rescue Diver Courses .



All fun dives to reach the required pre-requisites for the PADI Divemaster and PADI Instructor Development courses are also included. So you’ll explore all of our dive sites and see some amazing marine life too!


Green Turtle encounter at Twins dive site Koh Tao, Thailand Sea Snake

Divemaster Katie with a Batfish at Twins Dive site Koh Tao, Thailand Whale shark in Koh Tao waters


We are very passionate about our commitment to the environment, so you’ll also take part in a Marine Conservation package, where you learn more about marine life populations/coral health/sharks/clean up dive etc and attend a conservation presentation evening (including meal) linking to your dive – eg the life of coral, single use plastics, the effects of over fishing etc. This helps you to become a more educated and environmentally aware diver – something which we are very proud of offering. We also run regular land and sea clean ups, so no doubt you’ll be involved in those too, as well as any additional eco projects that are running at the time!



On your professional level courses you’ll learn all the teaching techniques and tips you need to be a confident and competent dive pro. Plus your Instructor Development Course (IDC) with us will include your Emergency First Response Instructor rating, and your Oxygen Provider Instructor rating.



Plus we are throwing in a 2 week Divemaster Internship on completion of your Divemaster course, and a one month Instructor Internship once you pass your Instructor Exams!


Underwater photographer, Rob Kelly at Koh Tao dive site, Twins


While taking part in all of this diving you”ll be decked out in a full set of top of the range Aqua Lung gear! Check our our Aqua Lung page for a full list of equipment!

And of course there’s the general experience of living the dream here on Koh Tao. There’s lots of new friends to be made, fun island activities to get involved in, and of course some of the most stunning sun sets you’ll ever see!



The Master Divers Life campaign is a 3 stage contest comprising of Online Form submission, Video submission, and Blog submission. The campaign can be entered at on our webpage for Stage 1, followed by our Facebook page for stage 2 video entries. Video entries will then be voted on via the Facebook App. The top 5 voted videos, along with Master Divers’ top 5 picks will then enter Stage 3 where they will write a blog about an environmental issue close to their hearts. The winner will be selected and announced on 4th July 2018.


Win your Master Divers Life


Anyone is welcome to apply. As long as applicants are over 18, certified to Open Water level by the submission form deadline on June 1st, and are medically fit to dive, then its time to start your application!

So, what are you waiting for?! Check out the check out the full list of eligibility criteria, our competition page, and submit your entry today! Good luck and hopefully see you on Koh Tao to begin your dream life in paradise soon!