Blue Spotted Rays

There are many different types of Stingray, here on Koh Tao we get quite a lot of the beautiful Blue Spotted Stingray -Taeniura lymma and they can be seen at many of the dive sites if you look carefully.

They are usually found either in the sandy areas where they sometimes try to bury themselves in the sand, or hiding beneath table coral and overhangs.

It is easily identified by many large brilliant blue spots on a yellowish-reddish brown body disc shaped body that is white underneath. The tail sting is set well back on the tail which has a small fringe like caudal fin and is longer than his main body.

These beautiful creatures are naturally shy and would only ever thrash out and sting you if you stood on them or if you were cruel enough to try and catch them. If this did happen the treatment is pretty simple just clean the wound with warm water and remove any spines then soak in hot water until the pain stops.

They hunt for their prey at night, so are often seen out in the open on night dives, their food of choice being worms, shrimps and hermit crabs.

Definitely an excellent subject to photograph, as long as you approach slowly and don’t disturb it you can get close enough for some wicked pictures.

The ray is skittish though and as soon as it is disturbed will swim rapidly to another place of shelter- this in itself is an amazing sight to see!