Our Boats

Master Divers have 2 boats and a longtail. We call the largest boat “P'Dong's” and the smaller boat (The Pete McCarthy) is known as "Master Divers”.

P Dong's Boat

This boat is small but well equipped. P Dong captains the boat and through his vast experience ensures we arrive safely at the dive sites. He’s on hand to offer guidance and advice so that we dive in the best conditions.  Plus he always knows where the Whalesharks are!

Twenty-five divers can comfortably dive aboard and specially designed tank racks and dive stations mean each diver has a place. We carry oxygen, first aid and spares to ensure your trip is safe and hassle free. Tea, coffee, fresh water, fruit and cookies are available free of charge throughout your dive trip.

A marine toilet is available for your comfort and there’s an ample dry area to store your belongings too. A large sun deck tops the boat with a shaded area so that you can relax between dives. Our compressor is in the dive centre and while this means the team move tanks each day it also means your dive will be a quiet one.

Centrally located ladders mean that alighting to the boat in choppy waters is as easy as we can make it. However P Dong and his team are always on hand to help divers in and out of the water.

Pete McCarthy

This boat is named after our now departed friend Peter McCarthy. Pete was once one of the owners of Master Divers and a veritable character who has now passed into island legend.  You really wouldn’t believe half of it if we told you!

Apart from the name, the only real difference between this boat and the P Dong boat is its size. This puppy can take 15 divers comfortably.

We use our longtail boat to get you and your gear and all the tanks to and from the boats. We also use it for single dive trips for just a few divers.