Chumphon Pinnacle

The dive site that most people have heard of and that everyone wants to go to.

The site is almost one long complete pinnacle with a huge fissure towards the South end, large enough to pass through and a swim-through lies at the bottom of the central buoyline. The entire top of the pinnacle is carpeted in Magnificent Anemones, full of prancing Pink Anemonefish. Crabs, Shrimps, Scorpionfish and White-Eyed Moray Eels hide in the many fissures. The far South is home to a solitary Pacific Lionfish. Large Marbled Groupers skulk around the deeper regions. As you descend over the side of the pinnacle, you will feel like you are on a wall dive - lots of holes and cracks to peer into; Tube andWhip Corals aplenty; Blue-Green Damsels, Weibel Butterflyfish, Bannerfish and Blue-Ringed Angelfish dancing before your eyes, until you reach the sand at 30m.

Off to the Southwest of the main pinnacle is another large collection of rocks known locally as Barracuda Rock. Dropping down to 40m, you will be diving amongst swirling schools of Rabbitfish, Snapper, Juvenile Yellow-Tailed Barracuda and Fusiliers, watching as the hunting Trevallies dart in and out of this veritable feast!

Whalesharks visit in their season too. You might get really lucky and see two on one dive! Sailfish can be seen hunting here and huge walls of Chevron Barracuda will obscure your view of the pinnacle. It's certainly a dynamic open ocean site where you can see the hunters as well as the hunted.

Save for being asleep for the last 10 years you can’t fail to know that sharks are endangered.¬†Unless shark finning and other damaging activities stop abruptly I fear that we might be the last generation to see these magnificent creatures in the wild. The sharks at Chumphon Pinnacle, Koh Tao are no exception.¬†Over the years we have seen numbers dwindle and their re-appearance is always cause to celebrate. Read more about the sharks of Chumphon Pinnacle.

We dive Chumphon Pinnacle after the majority of the other dives centres have finished their dives, meaning we normally get the whole site to ourselves. Diving at Chumphon Pinnacle with only a handful of divers is hard to beat.


Classification - Pinnacle

Depth is from 14-40 metres

Average visibility is 10-40 metres

Experience Rating

Intermediate - Advanced