Green Rock

Imagine a block of Swiss Cheese but made out of granite and underwater - that's Green Rock! Located towards the Northwest of Koh Nang Yuan, there are many lovely swim-throughs making this site a diver's playground. Created by boulders locked together, the passageways allow some lovely vistas as you pass through.

The Yellow Margin Triggerfish dominate this dive site and a careful tour around the edges of their pits will give you a new appreciation of the industriousness of this well-built fish. Watching them gather in large groups during the breeding season is a sight to behold. Colourful Wart Slugs are dotted around the site, as well as large Polka Dot Nudibranchs. Other visitors to Green Rock include Whalesharks (in season) and Turtles.

The pinnacle sits very close to the coastline of Koh Nang Yuan meaning a shallower and easier dive can be made by less experienced divers. The usual reef suspects traverse the reef and we often see Unicornfish along the coast, but it pays to keep an eye peeled for Triggerfish!


Classification - Coast / Pinnacle / Swim-Through

Depth is from 5-26 metres

Average visibility is 10-30 metres

Experience Rating

All Levels