Master Divers, small and professional. See the underwater sights with Master Divers. Personal Service. Avoid the crowds with Master Divers!

Master Divers - Scuba Diving, Koh Tao -


Experienced and personalised instruction.

Learning any form of diving practice is better when there is no time pressure which often comes from having larger groups within a larger and sometimes inflexible centre.

An instructor is allowed to take up to 8 students on most courses and can even increase this ratio by using other dive professionals to help. This can be great if you want to meet lots of new people and have fun but not so good if you really want to learn how to dive, take your time and get used to the underwater world while gradually calming any nerves or apprehension. We guarantee a maximium group size of 4 with each instructor.

A dive course with 8 people in it will be run at the same schedule as one with just four in it which means in a smaller group you simply get more time. In a larger group, while diving, you could end up spending more of your time waiting for everyone else to complete skills than actually diving.

Master Divers - Scuba Diving, Koh Tao -


See fish not bubbles!

Fun diving is no fun at all if you end up at the back of a large group of divers seeing only the sand that they kick up. We guarantee a maximium group size of 4 with each guide.

Additionally, because we know our divers, we can make sure that each diver’s level of experience is properly catered to. This means also that children and families, photographers and divers with specific needs are not overlooked either.

Come and check us out and we’re sure you’ll notice the difference.