Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens is one of the three large bays frequented by divers and snorkelers on Koh Tao. Unlike Mango Bay and Aow Leuk, Japanese Gardens enjoys reef across the whole bay from paddling depth to around 14 metres. It sits directly opposite Twins, separated only by the sand bar which joins the two peaks of Koh Nangyuan.

The coral reef and structure is what you come here to explore. The variety of corals found in Japanese Gardens is second to none. Towering Compact Coral and Lobed Pore Coral heads reach 5m high, intersperced by fields of Lettuce, Staghorn, Mushroom and Slipper Corals. Living in the Lobed Pore Coral you will find colourful Christmas Tree Worms and Boring Clams.

A swim little swim out of the bay across the sand can be full of surprises, such as Giant Cuttlefish, burying Sand Dollars and Saddleback Anemonefish.

There are also two coast dives available in Japanese Gardens, on either side of the bay. Amongst the granite boulders and coral heads, we regularly see Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips, Seal-Faced Pufferfish and Boxfish. Flitting between Japanese Gardens and Twins we also have a resident Eagle Ray, much to the delight of everyone.


Classification - Coast / Bay

Depth is from 1-18 metres

Average visibility is 10-15 metres

Experience Rating

All Levels