Laem Thien

There are two separate dive sites at Laem Thien, Laem Thien Bay and Laem Thien Caves.

Laem Thien Bay is nestled on the East coast of Koh Tao and offers a great dive to all levels. In the shallows, amongst the granite boulders there are a variety of hard corals providing shelter for many of the reef fish you see around Koh Tao. In addition to the usual suspects, Laem Thien Bay is home to several Orange-Spined Unicornfish and Harlequin Sweetlips. On the outer edges of the bay, where the boulders give way to large slabs of rock you can find an adundance of soft corals. In the shallows where we normally end the dive is a large shoal of Weibel's Butterflyfish; and of course, what dive site on Koh Tao doesn't have a resident Titan Triggerfish, and this one is particularly large!

Laem Thien Caves offers the opportunity to explore a mutlitude of large overhanging swim-throughs, which give the feeling of being in a cave. Beams of sunlight stream through the towering boulders, and the caves are often described as "The Star Wars Caves".


Classification - Coast / Bay / Swim-throughs

Depth is from 3-24 metres

Average visibility is 10-25 metres

Experience Rating

All Levels