Main Equipment

As a professional diver you will be required to own full equipment in order to be able to work. During training we do offer you the use of main dive equipment...

  • BCD.
  • Regulator.
  • Fins.
  • Mask & Snorkel.
  • Wetsuit.
  • Tanks and weights.

Full kit for a professional level diver includes a dive computer, compass, surface marker buoy, dive slate, knife and whistle.

While it’s possible to plan your dives on tables and use a timer and depth gauge, we strongly recommend that you have the use of a dive computer for your training and your future career too. We do have computers and compasses for loan so that you can try out different models during the initial stages of your training. This will help you with selection of your own.¬†Should you choose not to purchase your own, then they are available to hire at 250 THB per trip.

We do have a limited amount of basic SMBs which we can loan to you too but we strongly recommend your own for familiarity.

All of our BCDs have whistles; if you are using your own and it doesn’t have one you will need to purchase one.

We do not have any slates or knives for hire so you will be required to have your own.

Please remember that as a professional in training we offer you a 15% discount on any purchases you make.