Mango Bay

Mango Bay is a wide and shallow bay, which is fringed by reef along its coastlines. The West side is made up of reef-framed boulders where you will encounter the immense ball of Scad that have made their home here. Take the opportunity to swim with the Scad and kneel down in the sand beneath them and watch them as they move as one living organism. In minutes you will be under their spell. You might even choose to spend the whole dive with them! This is an experience that few people forget.

The East side of the bay has a huge expanse of coral reef and is home to many varieties of Wrasse, including the Red-Breasted Splendour, Slingjaw, Thicklip, Moon, Cigar and Saowisata Wrasses; and Damselfish, including the Indian, Blue-green, Golden and Allen's Blue, to name but a few. We regularly see a large shoal of Yellowtail Barracuda, Titan Triggerfish and White-Eyed Moray Eels here.

Diving across the sand in the bay can throw up all sorts, including Peacock Soles, Mullet and Giant Hermit Crabs. If you are prepared to search the sand, you might even find a Seahorse, a Crocodile Snake Eel or even a Sea Moth!

For more experienced divers, we can do a drop-off on the outer edges of the bay. Mango Bay is also a great snorkelling spot for any non-diving friends and family.


Classification - Bay / Coast / Drop-Off

Depth is from 2-18 metres

Average visibility is 8-25 metres

Experience Rating

All Levels