No Name Pinnacle

Nothing to do with the delicious fried Thai snack, No Name seems to attract very few divers during the best diving conditions probably due to its smaller size. Most dive centres only visit this dive site for deeper training when conditions stop their boats visiting further afield sites. It's a shame as the site, although smaller than some, is quite lovely.

As a smaller dive centre we often take our divers there and usually have the site to ourselves. Huge granite blocks make a small hill with a sheer crack in one side large enough to swim though. Life always seems a little lazier here, maybe because its inhabitants don't see too many divers. You'll find the usual reef suspects splashing colour around the reef.

If you are a happy sand explorer then a swim across the sand will take you over to Twins.



Classification - Pinnacle

Depth is from 12-30 metres

Average visibility is 8-30 metres

Experience Rating

Intermediate - Advanced