Pottery Pinnacles

Pottery Pinnacles and its neighboring dive site of Three Rocks are small sites and only suitable for smaller dive centres with a small number of divers, hence they seem to get largely overlooked. Great news if you happen to be diving with us though as these sites are a veritable treasure trove of critters and life.

For such a small site it boast some cool inhabitants. Large Starry-Eyed Pufferfish hide in cracks and vie for space with the Blue-Lined Groupers. Long-Nosed Pipefish camoflage themselves in the remains of an old buoyline. Blue-Spotted and Jenkins Rays are regularly seen either swimming around or hiding under one of several overhangs. The Marbled Sea Cucumbers, with their miriade of black and white "feet" around their mouths, walk and stretch themselves from rock to rock. Turtles are seasonal visitors to these boulders too.

At night we regularly see Indian Walkmans, Flatworms and Nudibranch as well as a range of shrimp and all sorts of crabs. With so few boats and very little light pollution the bioluminescence here is usually amazing.

A short swim across the sand brings you to Three Rocks. Above sea level, the rocks are inhabited by terns. Below sea level, despite being a shallow dive site, it has a lot to offer - Blue-Spotted Rays, Snapper, Wart Slugs, Nudibranchs, Flatworms, Giant Pufferfish, a magnificent Table Coral and a swim-through. On a night dive at Three Rocks expect to see swimming Flatworms, Giant Cuttlefish and Scribbled Filefish.


Classification - Pinnacle

Depth is from 3-12 metres

Average visibility is 10-25 metres

Experience Rating

All Levels