Sail Rock

This is the furthest dive site from Koh Tao and is usually visited as part of a special full day trip. Sail Rock is one huge circular pinnacle that rises from the sea bed and juts out of the water. The waters around Sail Rock are overflowing with colour and diversity. Inquisitive Batfish school and pose for photographs. Giant Moray Eels loom out from under large coral heads. Everywhere you look there are huge Groupers, some hidden under overhangs, others on the move around the dive site. Schools of Chevron and Great Barracuda hang just off the pinnacle in the blue. In season Whalesharks feed here regularly. A solitary Pacific Lionfish hangs out around 14m close to the main buoyline. Don't forget to look up when you come up shallower to see large groups of Crocodile Needlefish. For macro lovers, there are shrimps, crabs, Wart Slugs, Nudibranch and baby White-Eyed Moray Eels.

A chimney-like swim-through makes for an interesting buoyancy challenge. The opening, at around 8m, is surrounded by Lobed Pore Coral and as you drop down, in single file, through the Chimney, you will see Groupers and Soldierfish hiding in the darkness. At 18m you have the opening at the bottom of the Chimney, below which a Giant Moray Eel can normally be found.

A great dive site that is worth travelling the extra distance to.


Classification - Pinnacle

Depth is from 5-40 metres

Average visibility is 10-30 metres

Experience Rating

All Levels