The west side of Mango Bay is renowned as being the home of an amazing massive shoal of scad that move together as one. This mass of spiky little silver fish with their yellow stripe, are definitely mesmerizing in their ability to behave as a single unit.

The Yellow-Striped Scad - Selaroides leptolepis is also known as the slender scaled scad, smooth-tailed trevally or the yellow striped trevally and is a member of the Jack family – Carangidae that has 140 different species worldwide.

The Scad can grow up to about 20cm and have a silver streamlined body that enables fast swimming. They have a yellow stripe that runs mid-laterally along the body continuing onto the top half of the caudal fin fading out towards the bottom half.

They are found throughout the world but are most common throughout the waters of the Indo-western Pacific region from the Persian Gulf to the Philippines, north to Japan and south to the Arafura Sea.

You will often see them following large pelagic fish as they feed of the scraps that are left behind, or alternatively forming large schools along coastal rocky reefs, estuaries and bays.

Their normal diet consists of Gastropods, Algae & Small Fish and they themselves are often used for human consumption.

If you go and dive at Mango Bay then take the time to just kneel down in the sand beneath them and watch them as hey move as one living organism. In minutes you will be under their spell and not want to leave them....

This is definitely an experience that few people forget and many people want to capture on camera as it’s such an amazing sight...