Southwest Pinnacle

This beautiful site often gets forgotten in the clamor for Chumphon Pinnacle but it's easily as magnificent. A circular site of granite blocks which have the shape of a pyramid, looking as grand as its Egyptian counterparts.

Whalesharks cruise in during their season and Scorpionfish are easy to find at any time. It's one of the few places to spot Coral Shrimpfish and there is some lovely Harp Coral growing in the sand at the bottom. Fusiliers, One-Spot Snappers, Yellow-lined Snappers, Scad, Rabbitfish and Junvenile Yellowtail Barracuda school here in vast numbers, at times almost obliterating the dive site; swim under them and they'll block out the sun; swim into them and they'll make you dizzy! Craggy overhangs and crevices where boulders have fallen together make for excellent hiding spots for many different fish and various critters. Large Potato Groupers hang out around the sandy area to the Southeast of the main pinnacle. There are several abandoned fishing traps around the dive site which provide a perfect home for several different species of Nudibranch.

The 'secret' pinnacle lies a small distance off the main site. The five minute swim over the sand will take you past old fishing traps as well as Nemo and his friends. This shouldn't really be attempted without Enriched Air Nitrox, good air consumption and great conditions. Current and big waves can make this site a little more challenging but overall, divers from Open Water Diver onwards can enjoy this site.


Classification - Pinnacle

Depth is from 6-28 metres

Average visibility is 10-30 metres

Experience Rating

Intermediate - Advanced