Dive Operations

Kelly is from the beautiful and rainy Seattle, Washington in the United States. There, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy, a practice that uses all forms of recreation as rehabilitation for people with disabilities. After getting scuba certified through a college class, she completed her thesis project on Scuba Diving as a form of therapy for injured Veterans, people with physical disabilities, and people with autism.
After graduation, Kelly married her longtime boyfriend and knight in shining armor, Justin. Together they followed their sense of adventure and sold everything to travel and explore. After returning to the states, they soon knew they wanted to relocate to Koh Tao, the small slice of paradise that felt like home.
Kelly quickly and easily fit in with the Master Diver team, and loves working in an environment that values the highest level of customer care as well as a passion for sustaining the ocean as well as our special little island.