Dive Operations

Yuree has been working for Master Divers since the start of 2015 but has had many years working in the diving industry, 8 years, in fact! Yuree moved her family here 9 years ago as it seemed like the perfect place to raise her daughter Faisai who is now 10 years old.
In her spare time Yuree loves reading books, she has a huge collection of literature in her home and loves to relax at home with a good novel. As well, Yuree loves spending time with her friends on the island visiting the beaches and the viewpoints dotted around the island!
As well as working for Master Divers and looking after her family, Yuree also works for the Koh Tao Tourist Police; helping and assisting tourists with anything they might need, she is always on hand to support them and help them out.
You will find Yuree behind the desk at Master Divers sorting out accounts, organising the boat captains, answering your queries and ready to check you in!