The Team

We have built a team who are passionate about diving including experts in a variety of diving disciplines too. We have technical divers and instructors, deep sea explorers and wreck divers,equipment experts, gas blenders, photographers and some of the most experienced professional trainers and, of course, expert critter finders and fish spotters.

All of this experience is here for you to soak up!

Everyone dives and no one is above moving a few tanks or cleaning the beach either – we really are a team and this is what makes the centre buzz.

We take our diving seriously but we are a sociable bunch too and are more than happy to share our stories and experience over coffee in the morning or a cold beer as we watch the sunset.

We employ a handpicked team of freelancers to compliment our team which means that we can offer courses in all major languages too. They are selected because they understand our dive philosophy, have a passion for fun diving and want to teach a good quality course at a pace suited to the student.