Tec Diving

Explore your limits!

In recreational diving you are taught to observe a set of limits which means that you dive without being obliged to make any decompression stops on the way to the surface. Technical diving allows you to go beyond the recreational limits.

If you have the desire to explore deeper or simply want to stay longer at depth then you must undertake training to acquire the knowledge and master the skills and techniques to keep you safe! We offer courses which allow you to try technical diving, take your first steps or continue your training.

We also offer full tec equipment rental and gas fills for qualified tec divers wanting to explore the sites of Koh Tao. Contact us for details.

Koh Tao's Tec Diving History

Master Divers has always enjoyed a long standing relationship with the tec diving community and it was always a base of operations for the technical diving liveaboards. The original founders were true deep water explorers. The team set out to explore The Gulf of Thailand with the goal of discovering long lost ship wrecks. To their credit, in less than three years they had discovered over 30 wrecks which had lain unseen for years. The cream of the crop was the WWII Submarine the USS Lagarto but many more lie in the depths virtually undived and ripe for exploration. Unfortunately, these trips have been put on hold for now, let's hope they will be back one day soon!

The biggest find was the USS Largarto, a WWII US Submarine lost for over 60 years. The discovery was so note worthy that many magazines wanted her story within their pages. Ayesha, one of our previous partners and tec divers was responsible for the writing and photography of the majority of features:-  Lagartos Lament for Scuba Diver Australasia, Sub Vision off Koh Tao for Diver UK and she made is into  Sport Divers 100 Essential Wreck Dives too.