MV Trident

The MV Trident plied the waters from Koh Tao looking for deep ship wrecks. The crew located many new wrecks from WWII Submarine to more modern cargo carriers and even drill ships. Over 30 wrecks were located until the vessel was retired. She was stripped and clean and made environmentally friendly and ready to become an artificial reef. It was a fitting end for a vessel that took divers to so many great ship wrecks in The Gulf of Thailand and where else can you dive a vessel that loudly proclaims ‘Wreck diving Thailand’?

Master Divers was the jump off point for divers on these deep water exploration trips so it holds a very dear place in our hearts.

The wreck itself was sunk off the south of the island close to Shark Island in Sept 2010. This area often has quite some current which meant that life moved into and sheltered on the wreck very quickly. Due to the current, we time the dive carefully to match the tides. The wreck lies in 36m of water making it ideal for more experienced divers, nitrox divers and those on deep training and even entry level technical training too.

See what she looks like after 18 months at the bottom of the ocean.


Classification - Wreck

Depth is from 29-36 metres

Average visibility is 5-20 metres

Experience Rating