U V Night Diving

Dive into another realm with psychedelic colours, fluorescent corals and glowing sea life.

What is coral fluorescence? Under Blue Ultra Violet light some species of corals exhibit a phenomenon known as fluorescence where the coral appears to glow in shades of green, red or blue. Corals that normally appear dull brown in the daytime or under white light can take on vivid rainbow hues at night. This is only visible with use of our Blue Light UV Torches and special Visors.

Corals fluoresce when certain pigments inside them react to the strong light, absorbing the cooler blue end of the spectrum and reflecting back shades of greens and reds.

The phenomenon of Coral Fluorescence is still full of mystery and the reasons why certain corals fluoresce are to this date unknown. Strangely enough not all corals fluoresce, and only a few species possess this unique property, which further complicates the search for the reason why corals glow in the first place.

There are several theories provided by scientist, and perhaps the most likely reason is that it acts as a kind of “sun block” for the coral protecting the zooxanthallae inside the coral from the harmful rays of the sun. Marine Biologists say that this property could perhaps protect shallow coral from bleaching or provide deeper coral the ability to absorb the UV light from the sun and reflect it back to the zooxanthallae allowing them to photosynthesize in the absence of sufficient sunlight.

Prepare to be hypnotized by a magical array of psychedelic colours- fluorescent orange, blue, yellow, green, red and purple. Glowing corals, sponges, fish, shrimps, moray eels, crabs and other sea life, you won’t be disappointed

UV Diving is a true magical, unique and memorable experience. We guarantee never to have more than four divers to one guide. This ensures high standards of safety and enjoyment, as well as a professional and personal service.

Our team work hard to provide a safe, fun, efficient and well organized dive centre. We work hard to make sure your dive experience is a positive one. With this in mind, BEFORE BOOKING, please read through the policies we have developed to help us ensure your time with us goes as smoothly as possible.

What you need to know

Who can participate?

To participate in a UV night dive you must be an Open Water Diver and have prior (non UV) night diving experience.

If you have an Open Water qualification but not yet a night dive, then we can arrange this for you, at 1,500 THB.

How much does it cost?

U.V. Night Dives are just 2,000 THB.

What's included?

The price includes full equipment hire, including personal use of a Blue Light UV torch and visor, boat fees, professional, qualified guide to lead you into the extraordinary fluorescent world, tea, coffee, water and light refreshments on the boat as well as free WiFi, Tea, coffee and water in the dive centre.

What is the schedule?

We meet at the dive centre at 5:30 for a full briefing before heading out for the night dive.

How do I book?

Ready to book now? With Master Divers you can book online with a small deposit, using VISA, MasterCard or AMEX.

Please note that the dive center is closed for the following dates each year: 1st January, 14th April & 25th December. If any of these dates fall into your intended travel dates, please contact us first before booking.

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