White Rock

White Rock is a hugely popular dive site and happily it's quite a large one too. The range of life found here is huge and there is something to please every diver. Turtles come here to munch away on soft corals, casting a lazy, half-interested eye at divers. Koh Tao's infamous Titan Triggerfish prowl this dive site too, and some of the largest specimens hang out here. White Rock attracts many hunters: Great Barracuda and Trevally excite the fish making them dart for cover in the plentiful hard corals; Banded Sea Snakes wind their way through the corals searching for their prey. Blue-Ringed and Six-Banded Angelfish swim around in their buddy teams passing Beaked Coralfish, Bannerfish and Pig-Faced Butterflyfish. Look under ledges and outcroppings and you are bound to find a White-Eyed Moray Eel or a Blue-Spotted Ray awaiting nightfall. Under the South buoyline, a large shoal of Yellowtail Barracuda spend their days following divers. Even though White Rock is close to Koh Tao, in season Whalesharks are regularly seen here.

Being quite close by makes White Rock popular for night dives which can be spectacular. Barracuda and Soapfish hunting; Titan Triggerfish going to bed; Blue-Spotted Rays out for their evening meal; Octopus and Squid dancing in your torchbeam; free-swimming Flatworms; not to mention the myriad of critters and the abundance of Feather Stars that creep around the site after dark.


Classification - Pinnacle

Depth is from 4-22 metres

Average visibility is 10-30 metres

Experience Rating

All Levels