Scuba Diving On Koh Tao

As much as we love sharing our passion for diving and passing on our experience when teaching divers, we love to go out fun diving too. The simple pleasure of fish watching and critter hunting is why we dip below the surface!

Because we enjoy it – we want you to as well!

To do this we guarantee a maximum of four divers in your group. We can also arrange a private guide if you wish.

We also like to miss the crowds, diving the opposite schedule to other dive schools. Chumphon Pinnacle is crowed in the morning but by midday – there is no one there apart from us. We can access some of the closer sites by traditional longtail which means you can choose what time you dive and we can virtually guarantee you are the only one of the dive site!

We ensure each experience level is catered too while making sure the schedule is varied to give you the opportunity to dive a range of sites during your stay..

We have 2 of our own boats and also the flexibility to dive across a number of different boat schedules while still adding to your multi-dive discount. We offer a range of special day trips throughout the year to visit wrecks sites and further away and little visited sites too.

*You are not required to pay in full now; just pay a 2,000THB deposit to secure your booking*

Please note that the dive center is closed for the following dates each year: 1st January, 14th April & 25th December. If any of these dates fall into your intended travel dates, please contact us first before booking.


Description Price Per Dive  
Fun Dive (when booking 1-3 dives) 1,000 THB Book Email us
Fun Dive (when booking 4-6 dives) 900 THB Book Email us
Fun Dive (when booking 7-9 dives) 800 THB Book Email us
Fun Dive (when booking 10+ dives) 700 THB Book Email us
Fun Dive (Previous customers, Professionals, Divers with own full set of equipment) 700 THB Book Email us
Private dive leader available upon request, add 150 THB per dive
U.V. Night Dive 2,000 THB Book Email us


Description Price  
Enriched Air Nitrox (per tank) 200 THB Email us
Computer Rental (per 2 dive trip) 250 THB Email us
Torch Rental (per dive trip) 200 THB Email us
Digital Camera (per 2 dive trip) 1,500 THB Email us
DPV (per 2 dive trip) 1,800 THB Email us

Speciality Courses

Already certified and want to take your skills to the next level? Read more about the full range of PADI Speciality Courses.


Diving Careers

If you are as captivated by diving as we are then consider making diving your full time job. Whatever level you are, even beginner, you could fully qualify in as little as 7 months. Going to work will never be the same again! See what opportunities await you.

Tec Diving

If you have the desire to explore the depths of your favourite dive site or uncover the mysteries of the deeper shipwrecks then browse through our technical courses to see which one suits you best.



Learn to explore the underwater world with just one breath, no bubbles and with minimal equipment. Get up close and personal with marine life and glide silently through their realm. Check out the courses available here.


U.V. Night Diving

Dive into another realm with psychedelic colours, fluorescent corals and glowing sea life. Read more about UV Night Diving.




If you can’t or don’t want to dive then you can still enjoy Koh Tao's tropical reef and its inhabitants. Read more about Snorkelling




We don’t have our own resort, but we work with those around us. We have selected the best value in each price range which you can take a look at here, or contact us with your requirements and we can send you some suggestions.