To celebrate our 25th anniversary, Master Divers offered you the chance to win your dream life as a PADI Diving Instructor on the tropical paradise island of Koh Tao! To offer this amazing opportunity, we teamed up with PADI and Aqua Lung to provide the lucky winner with all these prizes valued at over $11,000 USD!

  • All PADI courses from any certification level up to and including your Instructor Development Course (IDC)
  • All PADI course materials and fees including Instructor Exam (IE)
  • A full set of top of the range Aqua Lung dive equipment
  • 2 week PADI Divemaster Internship
  • 2 week PADI Instructor Internship
  • Master Divers Marine Conservation Package



Our 10 finalists were asked to write a blog;

Alex Martin

Imagine with me if you will, a forest underwater. Silent, save for the sound of the rolling waves above. Sunlight creeps through the blades of kelp floating on the surface, a yellow brilliance that blocks out direct sunlight until a ray shines through and catches your eye. Under the canopy of kelp stalks, an eerie silence takes hold as you make your way through a forest covered in a blanket of thick fog. The murky existence is breathtaking and beautiful to those willing to embrace...

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David Howlett

Welcome to my blog, my mission is to dive into the current epidemic of plastic waste to highlight how we are contaminating the seas, choking our aquatic wildlife and poisoning ourselves! Hopefully we can use this information to create something that can turn the tide on plastic pollution.

Living in the UK has taught me that unless you have taken part in beach or tidal river clean ups, your only...

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Holly Allard

For all of you “Sex And The City” fans out there, have no fear. This will not be the written equivalence to Samantha getting fake blood thrown on her fur coat by an activist shouting MURDERER. This is simply an alternative perspective to look at the way you eat. It is for those of us who no longer wish to turn a blind eye to the damaging effects our everyday behaviours are having on oceans and marine life. If you feel like your current efforts to help the environment...

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Karthik Prakash

There is no particular conservation project that I would like to do. I wanted to take part as much conservation project as possible and make contributions towards saving our mighty ocean.

As far as observed in marine conservation projects the basic need is controlling of waste. Once our beaches are clean and people have consciousness while littering then...

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Katie Woodroffe

Eighteen years ago, I first stepped out of Bangkok airport, hit by the dense humidity and bustle of Thailand’s capital. At eleven years old, I was completely oblivious to the tourism boom that Thailand was experiencing at the time and the pressure that this would eventually have on the pristine environment.  I was also unaware that sixteen years later I would find myself back in the country, working to protect its coastlines that had originally drawn my family, and millions...

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Matthew Lyne

Going on holiday is one of life’s greatest pleasures, it’s something you look forward to for months or even years beforehand and have lasting memories for years afterwards. These memories can be great such as sights you’ve seen, people you’ve met or animals you’ve encountered, or sometimes you may have some bad memories such as if the transport breaks down or the mosquito’s decide to use you as an all inclusive buffet. Generally though the good outweighs the bad and...

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Mia Raghavi

Over a hundred years ago came one of humanity’s greatest inventions – synthetic plastic. In today’s world, we cannot live without it. Plastic parts are found in almost everything around us and they have significantly reduced the utilisation of natural resources otherwise. Plastic replaces wood and metal in a myriad of applications for simple reasons: cost, versatility, and durability...

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Rianne Poesse

Anemonefish are a relative of the very large damselfish family and there are about 30 different species of anemonefishes worldwide. The largest can reach a length of 18 centimetres while the smallest barely reaches 10 centimetres.

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Tiffany Ayling

The sea was a perfect blue. We dropped the tennis ball attached to our freedive equipment that would mark a depth of 30 meters. I was amazed to still be able to see that tennis ball. The warm blue sea wrapped itself around me and said: you’re home. Just the blue, two mates, our freediving rope, and tennis ball. A school of five fish buzzed over to us. We were something big that they could use as protection. I saw a large jellyfish off in the distance. I watched...

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Vanessa Witt

I grew up in Minnesota, in the United States.  To say I’m a Minnesotan is an understatement. I’m 33 and a half years old, and though I’ve now been traveling for 8 months, and have spent some time traveling and living outside of the midwest for past jobs, I have lived 30 of my 33 years on this planet in the heart of the midwestern united states for 30 years.  For those of you who know a bit about United States geography, Minnesota is right smack in the middle...

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The winning entrant will arrive on Koh Tao by August 31st 2018 to claim their prize and commence their training!  All courses will be taught continuously, meaning up to 6 months fun in the sun before becoming a work ready PADI Instructor. The lucky winner will write a weekly blog post and compile some vlog posts to keep the world up to date on the progression of them living their dream life!

If you’d like more information about this contest, please refer to the links above, and be sure to check out our contest rules and Master Divers’ privacy policy too. For any additional information or contest enquiries, please email