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Ayesha hails from a small town in the North East of England called Cleethorpes. After finishing school she worked in the marketing department for a number of theme parks but you can ride one too many roller coasters! She took a job working for Bacardi which saw her move from Southampton to South Africa, where she learnt to dive, and finally Sydney, Australia. Her office overlooked the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbour and she decided enough was enough. She quit the rat race, changed the power suit for a wetsuit and never looked back!

Ayesha has now been teaching diving for over 8 years. After qualifying as an instructor here on Koh Tao she worked here and Koh Phi Phi before travelling to work in Honduras and Egypt as well as The Maldives with Wilco. She’s dived in many places from Menorca to Mozambique but Koh Tao was always home!

Ayesha takes care of our online marketing and social media but her true passion is underwater photography.

She also runs the photography courses and will most likely be out to photograph one of your dives too.

She works as a freelance photo-journalist too and you can see some of her articles here.


In to the lense

padi master scuba diver trainer

Speciality Instructor in: Deep Diving, Digital Underwater Photography, Enriched Air Nitrox, Multilevel Diving, Navigation, Night Diving, Underwater Photography, Underwater Videography & Wreck Diving.

ssi advanced open water instructor

Speciality Instructor in: Deep Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox, Navigation, Night Diving, Underwater Photography

dsat tec instructor

Tec Deep Instructor & Trimix Diver

Ayesha, Wilco, Nana

wilco, nana, ayesha

Ayehsa with elephants

at Singapore Zoo

Ayehsa night diving

the maldives